Labor Day Forecast

Good Morning Bloggers!

Wow…Loud thunderstorms last night and much needed rainfall for our area.  The rain is gone now with most moving southeast of Clinton, MO to Sedalia, MO.


So, if you are just getting up and get to enjoy the day off here is what it looks like now that the rain has passed. We still have some clouds, but those will start to break up a bit over the next few hours.


I know many of you are probably wondering about the rainfall totals around the area, so I’m going to post them right here.  This is as of 7:30 AM:



The good news here is the storms that moved through last night helped stabilize the atmosphere, so the KC Metro area is done with the storms.  Now there is a chance of more storms for southeast of KC.   The timeline for those spots looks like after lunch through about 6 pm.



So, the thunderstorms last night have wiped out the chance for severe weather for Kansas City.  The slight risk has been pushed farther to the southeast.


Kalee Dionne

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13 comments to Labor Day Forecast

  • Hume-Dude

    Thanks for update. The dude checking in with close to 1.5″ at the old farmstead, plus good rain here in the city. Think everybody got a decent drink out of that one. Also wanted to comment on how crazy accurate the HRRR model handled last nights storms. I was concerned they were not moving south, but HRRR consistently brought it south and sure enough the cold pool eventually pushed them south. I think areas just to my west and south got flooding 3″+ amounts but still have potential for more storms later so flooding could be biggest threat as mentioned in last nights blog.

  • Weatherfreak01

    Kalee, there is no rainfall total for Lee’s Summit, MO on your map. There are random numbers just above the NBC logo marking KC. Are those numbers for KC or LS?

    • kcendo

      Weatherfreak01, we got 1.45″ in our rain gauge. We’re between Lee’s Summit and Lake Lotawana, so your mileage may vary. Hope this helps!

  • At the farm here in Parker, Ks, we received 2.26″. Happy farmer!

  • sedsinkc

    1.13″ in KC North last night and a total of 2.21″ since Friday. Officially at KCI Airport in August, they had 7.42″ of rain, 3.53″ above average. For the meteorological summer, KCI was 3.80″ above average. Glad areas on the south side received substantial rainfall last night.

  • Emaw

    1.75″ in north Olathe, beautiful morning sitting on the patio drinking coffee.

  • stl78

    1.67 five miles nw of liberty

  • j-ox

    2.2″ in NW Lawrence…yeehaw!

  • LarryA

    2.23″ in NW Lawrence.

  • luvsno

    Does anyone think more storms will fire up this afternoon….Johnson County KS ? Or did last nights storms take the punch out if redevelopment. Olathe had one of the higher totals. Much needed rainfall.
    At any rate it was a loud, wonderful night…I love a rainy night ! Eddy Rabbit :)
    And it sure was nice this morning with those 60’s ! And how about this coming weekend….70’s !! Great weather is coming ! My favorite time of year. Everyone have a great day !

  • Hockeynut69

    Pretty active radar down south and it looks like one cell that is out west could bring a quick shot of rain if it holds together.

  • f00dl3

    This storm south and west of Lawrence has a rotation couplet right now. It’s discreet. It’s in an area not very favorable for thunderstorm development, but uncapped, it looks like it had a chance to blossom.

    KC Metro – be on guard – things could get interesting after 9 PM.

  • f00dl3

    Rotating portion of the storm should stay south of the metro – south of 151st St in Olathe.

    KTWX radar shows the storm is maintaining weak rotation.