It’s Not Quite Ground Hog Day Yet

Good morning bloggers,

It’s not quite Ground Hog Day, but it is approaching. We are living through the “same pattern” over and over again. Is it any shock that we are still waiting for our first major winter storm? Is it any shock that Amarillo, TX continues to be rain and snow free for over 100 days now?  Is it any shock that the fire danger is extreme in California again, 47 days after their last big fires, and 94 days after the October disastrous  fires?  The same pattern continues to produce the same results. The frustration continues, however, because the models quite often show some snow from five to fifteen days out, and then when it gets to the time it is supposed to snow, well we end up getting 0.1″, 0.4″, or maybe even a 2.1″ snow, or nothing.  But, it has been almost four complete years without even 3″ of snow in one storm in KC.   So, here we are, and we are dealing with it again. But, it should not be a surprise. The same pattern continues. Like in the movie Groundhog Day, where Bill Murray plays a weatherman living through Groundhog Day 1000s of times before he finally figures out how to be happy and enjoy it, we are sitting here trying to figure out how to be happy and enjoy this “horribly boring” weather pattern that we are in.

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 7.39.27 AM

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 7.39.41 AM

For anyone who doubts the LRC, and how incredible it is, just look at this comparison. The top map is from the actual data from November 1, and the second map is from cycle 3. Cycle 1 and cycle 3 of this years pattern. We knew in November that this would likely return around the first few days of February. INCREDIBLE!   Now what does this mean?

Kansas City Weather Timeline:

  • Today: Sunny and cold. Northwest winds around 10 mph with wind chills near 0 this morning.  High:  30°
  • Tuesday:  Warmer and sunny. High:  48°


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