It’s Getting Dry Again

Good morning bloggers,

We have almost made it through a year of the worst pattern ever, in my opinion. The pattern that brought us very little snow with many very small snowfalls is almost over. The pattern that created drought conditions over our region that bordered on the exceptional category is almost over.  The pattern that has brought KCI Airport 1.19″ of rain this month including an amazing trace of rain yesterday is almost over.  KCI Airport is now sitting at just over 25″ for the year, and this is now around 6″ below average.  This location was actually close to normal not that long ago, and now it is more representative of what has happened in our area.  In just two weeks a new pattern will have started.  Now, be patient and please do not jump to conclusions. We are still in that horrible pattern. Do you want evidence? Just look at the rainfall pattern from yesterday.  And, what is happening in the next ten days is still right on schedule from last years cycling pattern. The new LRC will likely begin around October 5th to 7th, so let’s see how this begins to look in around 10 days from now.

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 7.11.27 AM

Today is our coolest start to a day this early fall season.  Temperatures have dropped into the 40s. Take a look at the radar this morning:

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 7.07.29 AM

A rather organized complex of rain and thunderstorms was located over Oklahoma and Texas.  This was sending high cloud cover over our sky this morning.  This high cloud cover may be rather thick today, and this will likely trap in the cooler air and keep the high to what I predicted last night on 41 Action News, at around 65°.  Here is the satellite picture showing the cloud cover shooting north over our sky.

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 7.08.14 AM

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 7.09.38 AM

Tropical Storm Rosa will be monitored closely. It now appears it will become a major hurricane due south of Los Angeles, CA.  Los Angeles has only had one hurricane affect them in their historical weather records, back in the 1930s.  Rosa will likely become major and turn north.  The waters over the Pacific Ocean near the west coast flow from north to south, so there is an Alaskan current and this keeps the water near Southern California in the 60s even during the hottest time of the year. This is one of the biggest reason Los Angeles has completely dry summers as the cooler water prevents instability from happening, unless the monsoon moisture shifts west, which only happens a couple of days per summer.


For KC, the weather will get a bit interesting Friday as the next cold front moves through.  It will stall south of KC and then lift north. Some rain is possible late Friday night into early Saturday, and again it is still the same pattern, so we know what will likely happen; not much.  The new pattern will be different. The new pattern will likely be so different that we will finally know for certain that it is new and unique. This will not happen for at least ten more days, however.  This is what we have been sharing with all of you for over 15 years in this blog.

  • Today:  Thick high cloud cover with some filtered sunshine.  High:  65°
  • Tonight:  A few high clouds, and then clearing out.  Low:  47°
  • Thursday:  A gorgeous day. High:  75°

Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day sharing in this weather experience. We have some great discussions about the weather on the Weather2020 blog.  Go over there and join in if you would like.


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