Is This A Wet Pattern Or A Dry Pattern?

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As we continue to wrap our weather minds into this year cycling pattern there are a few glaring and not so glaring things to think about.  Glaring Definition:  giving out or reflecting a strong dazzling light, highly obvious or conspicuous.  So, maybe I shouldn’t use the term glaring, since we are still figuring this pattern out.  Just take a look at the first 60 days or so of this years LRC:

Version 2

What does “glaringly” stick out is the area from northeast Oklahoma into southern Missouri extending northeast into southern Illinois.  This area is a few inches below average on precipitation during these first 60 days of this years LRC.  While most of Kansas and northern Missouri is well above average on precipitation, including 8″ of snow in Kansas City so far.  KCI had 0.2″ yesterday to put KC up to 8″ for the season, which is more than all of the past three years totals (7.7″ last year, 4.9″ two year ago, 5.9″ three years ago).  Just something to think about as we continue to figure this pattern out.

This next storm that is in question for the weekend:

The storm that is being analyzed for Friday into Saturday is still way off shore, and thus we are getting many varying solutions, most of which track the system farther south missing the KC region.  Since it is still off the coast, we will wait another couple of days before completely ruling out a farther north solution.  The trend, at the moment, is even farther south, and this is being weighed in heavily, and this is why I only went with a 20% chance of precipitation in KC from this system.


If it takes the track shown above, then KC would barely get missed. It will either shift farther north, and then we will be changing our forecast, or it will track a bit farther south and not even be close. It is trying to target the area that has been driest in the past 60 days.  So, let’s see if this trend continues.

Kansas City Weather Time-Line:

  • Today:  Cloudy with a few morning snow flurries.  There will be a light northwest breeze at around 5 to 10 mph.  High:  30°
  • Wednesday:  Becoming Sunny with a southwest breeze at 7 to 17 mph.  High:  48°
  • Thursday:  There is a 30% chance of early morning snow/sleet/rain showers.  Temperatures will drop during the morning with a high of 34°

Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day reading the Action Weather Blog featuring Weather2020 and the LRC.  Let’s have a fun and educational discussion over on the Weather2020 blog.  Have a great Tuesday!


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