Is Climate Change Real? Answer: Yes!

Good morning bloggers,

Summer began at 5:09 AM central time today, and it will be a cooler first day of summer. Today, since I am in flight to Los Angeles for the day, I will do a quick blog, but open up the dialogue. Go to the Weather2020 blog to join in the conversation by clicking here:  Weather2020 Blog

Is Climate Change real?  The short answer is a resounding YES.  The earth is in a strong warming phase right now, and likely caused by human influences since the Industrial Revolution.  While the exact causes are certainly up for debate, the fact is that the earth is warming up.  Today, #MetsUnite is in progress with meteorologists wearing the Climate Change tie:


The tie represents every years temperatures from 1850 to the current year, color coded for the level of temperature.


Do you believe in Climate Change? Do you believe the earth is warming up? I suggest looking at the facts. What is causing this warming? That is up for debate, but the facts also lean in the direction of Anthropogenic forcing.

Have a great day. I will check in later.


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