Interesting Line Of Heavy Rain Along A Strange Cold Front!

Good evening bloggers,

Check this out:

This was 41 Action News ESP Radar at 7:45 PM. A long and very narrow line of heavy rain extended from west of Topeka, across I-35 southwest of Olathe, and extende southeast to south of Clinton, MO.  It is lifting north-northwest as a disturbance rotates around the upper level low.  And, Jeff and I just analyzed the surface map, and guess what this line is being caused by?  It is a cold front coming in from the south. Very cool!

I will add more thought soon, but what do you think?

The new data has come out and the upper low will spin over southern Kansas and move across southern Missouri on Friday. We will likely have more measurable rain Thursday and Friday to complete this five day storm. I will have a new blog later tonight or earlier on Thursday.  Have a good nights sleep.


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10 comments to Interesting Line Of Heavy Rain Along A Strange Cold Front!

  • Theo

    Weather can do cool things! Nice gust of wind when it came through JOCO.

  • golathe

    Got 25 – 40MPH winds came through JOCO. Lots of people with out power on the southern part of the Metro. ( KCPL POWEROUT MAP) Thanks for updating us!

  • Skylar

    Very brief wind in heavy rain along 143rd in western OP!

  • sportsfreaked

    by the time it hit the 435 loop it went POOF. It was cool while it lasted all of 15 minutes or so.

  • stormchaser

    This is one of the strangest weather phenomenon I’ve ever seen. It’s rolling through Waldo right now.

  • sportsfreaked

    I shouldn’t have said POOF./ I should have said weakened considerably.

  • TK

    It came through Spring Hill approx. 8 pm Gary. Heavy rain and some wind. Only lasted around 7 minutes. I went to look at the radar on Weather Underground and noticed it looked like a rain band feeding into the low pressure.

  • Hillsdale_Bruce

    I noticed that strange line form out of seemingly little on the radar before reading the blog. Thanks for the explanation! It trained NW perfectly over the lake for a period of time. Picked up another .60 ” in the last 24 hours making the 3 day total 3.25″

  • NorthlandKB

    Uh-oh…was there a polar shift today??? Were the Mayans right? ;)

  • a_gneiss_guy

    My family and I were driving from I-435/69 Hwy in O.P. to Gardner and saw lightning to the south. We encountered a short burst of heavy rain just north of Gardner on I-35 and had to lower speed to about 45-50 mph. My 6-yr old son noticed this and thought it was cool. Got home and we saw the radar and your blog post. Great explanation! He was excited just as I was seeing a northbound cold front.