Independence Day Eve Thoughts

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I think we would all agree that our discussions of drought conditions are one of the least favorite topics to discuss.  Now, do not go into denial here; Kansas City is in a growing drought. This weather pattern has been rather “cruel” to us weather enthusiasts that live near KC. Somehow, this drought has an arm that extends from the exceptional drought  conditions over the four corners states out to the southeast tip of Iowa. It is just an “arm” fought, and this is why we are left so frustrated. It almost makes no sense, except for the fact that we are living through it.

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 7.15.20 AM

There is now no drought over a large chunk of northwestern Kansas and also areas just southeast of KC.  At the same time severe drought conditions are placed by the Climate Prediction Center near KC.  Again, we have been living through this, and I there has not been one wide spread heavy rain event or snow event the entire season, since this pattern began in October. The heavy rain events have been sporadic, but not wide spread. My pond, outside that is used on the Links at Lionsgate Golf Course to water the grass, is as low as it has ever been right now.  To fill it up we would need around a 3″ thunderstorm event. Last summer I had three of them.  I am still waiting for my first 2″ rain event of the year. It only takes a one or two hour band of thunderstorms to produce this, but there has not even been close to one of these near the south side of the city this year.


A cold front will approach the area on Thursday.  If you look at all of the models, then you may see that only one of them, the GFS has any rain at all over KC. Yes, the other models are bone dry with this front, which will be amazing to experience happen, but it won’t shock anyone if it does.  It will turn much cooler Friday into the weekend, down into the lower or middle 80s.  But, will it rain?


Dogs often get freaked out with all of the noises from the fireworks.  Make sure you follow these tips.  I know of a few horror stories where people lost their dog on the 4th of July and never found them, so do not leave them outside where they can freak out and jump over fences or run away.  Have a great and safe holiday, and thank you for reading the Action Weather Blog featuring Weather2020 and the LRC.



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