Incredible Storm Blasts Northeast & A Storm Moves Into The West

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1Let’s begin by looking back to 8 years ago today.  A winter storm brought heavy snow, sleet and freezing rain into eastern Kansas and western Missouri 8 years ago on March 20-21, 2010.  Nearly a foot of snow fell in our viewing area with the heaviest just south of KC.  Breezy and Stormy were still in their prime, although Stormy The Weather Dog was getting pretty old in 2010.  Look at all of the snow. We have not had this much snow in over four full years now. The last snowfall of 3″ or more in Kansas City was in February of 2014, or 49 months ago.  This snowstorm was caught in the cycling pattern of the 2009-2010 winter season, and 44 inches of snow fell that winter in KC.  This winter 5.8″ of snow fell for the entire winter.

Here is a snowfall chart made by the National Weather Service office in Springfield, MO from 8 years ago:


At least this wasn’t decades ago and it provides some hope for next winter.  This winter, well, the target has been New York City many times, and today is just another major winter storm for them. Take a look at the snowfall forecast from last nights NAM Model:


And, here is the forecast totals for the mountains around Lake Tahoe and Mammoth. The ski areas have to be loving this after most of the winter was dry. That blocking high that formed two to three weeks ago has had some impacts on these storm systems out west and out east.


Look at the storm approaching the plains states on Friday:


And, look at the upper levels valid at the same time, 7 pm Friday:


The storm near the east coast is energetic and moving offshore. The storm coming into the west coast on Friday night is also rather strong. But, the storm in the middle of the nation is struggling as it moves through the ridge.

This weather pattern is still rather fascinating on this first full day of spring. We will look deeper into the next ten days in tomorrows blog, as baseball season is about to begin. Thank you for sharing in this weather experience! Go over to Weather2020.com, click on the blog, and join in the conversation. Have a great Wednesday.


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