In Between with Everything but Snow!

Good Saturday bloggers,

We have had all kinds of interesting weather this week, ranging from thunderstorms with freezing rain and sleet, to freezing drizzle, drizzle, rain, fog, peeks of sun, an overcast sky and even temperatures 65°-70° Monday morning.  What we have not seen is snow.

This current storm system will bring snow to Nebraska and Iowa and perhaps the extreme northwest corner of Missouri today. The next storm system that arrives later Tuesday and exits early Thursday will likely bring rain, with snow along I-80.  The storm needs to track 100 miles farther south for the I-70 corridor to see snow, and the chance of that is low.

There will likely be two to four chances of snow in March before the winter ends. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out what will likely become of those snow chances.  There is always hope, I suppose.

Let’s  go through the next seven days and cover the next two storm systems.  Here are rainfall totals from midnight to 8 AM Saturday. We mostly had drizzle, so amounts were not that high, but we will take what we can get.


The area of heavier rain heading up I-35 weakened rapidly as it moved to KC.  Same old pattern!  So, there will be scattered showers, mostly east of I-35 until 3 PM. Drizzle and mist will linger until 5-6 PM.



Well, here is a sign of Spring. There is an Enhanced Slight risk of severe weather from eastern Texas to western sections of Kentucky and Tennessee at the same time there is a Winter Weather Advisory from western Kansas to Minnesota. Kansas City sits in between the two, in the weakest part of the storm system, shock!


SATURDAY AFTERNOON: There will be showers and a few thunderstorms as the next wave from the southern Plains moves northeast. The heaviest rain will occur from I-44 south and east. There will be snow from extreme northern Kansas to Iowa, clipping northwest Missouri. We could see an additional .05″ to .25″ with temperatures 35°-40°. So, roads will be wet.


SATURDAY EVENING: The storm will exit quickly, which means the rain rapidly ends, the sky will rapidly clear, allowing temperatures to drop below freezing from west to east between 8 PM and midnight. The wind will be west at 10-15 mph with humidity around 85% to 95%, so some surfaces will dry, others will not by the time it falls below freezing. This will lead to patches of black ice formation on especially decks, overpasses and north facing surfaces. We say north facing surfaces because they get little to no light during the day making them colder and more susceptible to freezing.


 SUNDAY AFTERNOON: Ah! The weather will calm down. We will have a few clouds with a light wind and highs 45°-50°. Monday and Tuesday will see highs in the 50s and 60s ahead of the next storm system.


Here is the seven day rainfall and snowfall forecast which includes the storm system this weekend and Tuesday-Thursday.

There will be 1″ to 6″ of rain from Iowa to eastern Texas eastward. There are many areas of flooding from the eastern sections of Texas and Oklahoma to the Great Lakes. KC is on the western edge with the chance of seeing .25″ to 1.25″ of rain. Western Kansas to west Texas will remain quite dry which is not good for the Hard Red Winter what crop.


Here is the snowfall forecast for the next seven days.  The storm system today will bring some snow in Iowa, Nebraska and Minnesota, but the mid week storm system has a chance to be much bigger. Again, there is still a slight chance we see some snow from the mid week storm system, but good luck! We most likely will be right where we belong with this weather pattern, in between.


Have a great weekend.  I am sure Gary will be in here to add his thoughts later, over on the Weather2020 blog where we share with you this incredibly cycling pattern.

Jeff Penner


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