I”m Just The Same

Good morning bloggers,

It actually snowed at just after midnight. Did anyone else see them? We had a few snow showers start producing snow, with a little mixture of sleet  and rain, but mostly snow at 12:05 AM. So, we went from a temperature of 60 degrees at 7 AM yesterday to snowflakes by midnight.

This weather pattern is likely driving a few of you “crazy”.  It’s time to begin, isn’t it?  I’m just the same as I was, now don’t you understand, I’m just the same as I was, I’m never changing who I am!”.  If  you can figure out where this statement comes from, I will be impressed. “I don’t ever want to let you down!”.  We are living through this “absolutely horrible weather pattern”, that quote is mine!  We are currently sitting at seven snow events in KC.  “The same, but different”, this quote is from the icon, the incredible Gary England. Gary was in the movie Twister.  How many times have you watched that movie? Admit it? Me, personally I have watched it once. But, I have watched parts of the movie a few times.  So, Gary England makes that statement as a storm is approaching OKC in late 2009.  He finally experienced and saw the LRC.  He experience the LRC working.  And, we are experiencing it working in a “horrible” way here in KC the past few years. We are in the WRONG spot again.

Last night we had a huge audience on 41 Action News. Why? Because the Olympics are on NBC.  A huge audience got to see me try to explain snow on radar that was not reaching the ground.

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 11.58.26 PM

Look at all of the radar echoes. This was at midnight.  And, a few flakes were coming down in KC.  How do you describe this for the 20th time this season?  And, what is incredible? What’s incredible is that this is the very early stage of a fast moving storm that will produce snow in New York City.  Why is this important? This is important because when I presented to my peers at the national American Meteorological Societies conference in Austin five weeks ago, I made some bold predictions. One of the predictions was for a storm to hit the northeast around President’s Day Weekend. Well, here it is! It is a fast mover in this cycle, but it is here and it began as a few snowflakes in KC.

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 11.08.10 PM

This slide above is from what I presented five weeks ago in Austin, TX at the conference.  The statement in red is the storm that was predicted for this weekend. And now look at this forecast:

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 7.36.39 AM

Wow! 4-8 inches of snow Saturday night in a fast moving storm. This is directly related to the big storm 45-50 days before, and to their first snowflakes that I experienced in NYC while my plane was being deiced in November. Wow! It’s like there is a cycling pattern, a regularly cycling pattern. By the way, our peer reviewed paper is due to come out in late March. We are looking forward to sharing this with the world.

Have a great day!  Go to Weather2020.com and click on the blog to join in the conversation.  Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day reading today’s entry.


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1 comment to I”m Just The Same

  • kuwxman

    Well, that explains why I saw snow this morning along the edge of the driveway. Thought I was going crazy and seeing things.