Ice scraper needed this morning!

Good morning bloggers,

We just had our first true hard freeze this morning. There were many plants hanging in there, but today they were likely wiped out.  The low dipped to near 20 degrees this morning.  I slipped just a little on some ice early this morning, and my car spun, again just slightly, on some ice as well. So, if you are out early beware!  Jennifer Hill sent this picture in from Easton, MO.  This is sleet that accumulated. Will we have anything more than this over the winter? Our winter forecast comes out one week from tonight at 6 PM:

The weekend storm system brought us some nice rainfall amounts.  How much rain did you receive?

Rainfall Totals:

  • Downtown Kansas City:  1.43″
  • Johnson County Executive, Olathe:  1.43″
  • KCI Airport: 1.16″

It was a nice soaking rain, but when is the next one. We will go in search of our next storm on 41 Action News today and tonight.


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