Hurricane Lane – Hawaii – Florida – Hot Surge

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While a surge of hot air is about to sweep across the plains, Hawaii is still bracing for the affects of Hurricane Lane.  We will also look out to Labor Day weekend where Weather2020 had made a forecast for a potential hurricane to threaten Florida.  The latest models are hinting at tropical storm formation within ten days that must be monitored closely.

Hurricane Lane Early Morning Stats:

  • Maximum sustained winds 120 mph with gusts to 140 mph
  • 340 miles south of Honolulu



The most powerful impacts from Hurricane Lane will miss Hawaii if it turns west early enough. It was drifting north this morning, very slowly.  A turn to the west is likely tonight.  Impacts from the wind part of the hurricane will be minor if the system will just stay far enough offshore. And, it may do just that.  Let’s track this today.

Tropics Labor Day Canadian Day 10Conditions will become favorable for the Atlantic Basin, which includes the Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean Sea, to activate in the next two weeks. It has been very quiet from Africa all the way to Texas. This may change in the next two weeks.  This forecast map on the left shows the Canadian Model forecast that came out last night.  Sometimes the models show hints of systems ten days out, and here is a strong hint of a system.  Using the LRC, conditions become favorable for a tropical system to form around Labor Day.

Tropics Labor Day GFS Day 16The GFS model looks a little too similar to the Canadian model right? Look at this model that came out from last nights model run, but this was day 16 or at the end of the first week of September.  It still shows a hint of the system that has been forecasted from a very long time ago in January.  The European model also shows a system:

Tropics Labor Day Euro Day 10

All three of these models show a system during the first week of September. Quite obviously, we have been monitoring this closely. The LRC provides the insight to know how the pattern will look from one day to up to 300 days into the future.  We are still in the same pattern that set up last fall. The pattern that cycles across the westerly belt from North America east to Europe, Asia, back across the Pacific back to the USA.  We will continue  to monitor this closely.  It is just fascinating to see this showing up.  Now, it is what actually happens that will be measured.  The pattern is right on schedule. Now, will it produce a tropical system as predicted a long time ago? We will know soon.

Kansas City Weather:

We just experienced two rain events in the past week. Yesterdays rain even was rather wide spread, and yet it still left a few areas that didn’t get much rain east of KC.  KCI had 0.60″ of rain from the steady rainfall event yesterday, and Johnson County Executive Airport in Olathe, KS received 0.76″. The thunderstorms that materialized last night formed farther east and missed the areas we were hoping would get a good soaking.

The Heat Builds In. Here is the KC Weather Timeline:

  • Today: Mostly sunny with a high of 91°
  • Saturday:  Mostly sunny. HOT & HUMID. High: 96°
  • Sunday:  Sunny, hot, & humid. High:  94°
  • Monday:  Mostly sunny and hot. High: 92°

Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day reading the Action Weather Blog.  And, in sharing in this weather experience featuring Weather2020 and the LRC.  A lot of interesting developments to discuss on the Weather2020 blog.  The new LRC is now just six weeks away from developing!  Have a great day!


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