How much snow so far?

Good morning bloggers,

Snowfall rates have continued to be around 1/2″ to 1″ per hour as these final bands rotate around the storm.  We are up to 5.5″ on the Plaza. The first two to three inches melted and didn’t accumulate.  Here is Live:ESP at 8 AM showing the bands of snow rotating west and southwest around the main upper low:


 There is another disturbance moving in from Colorado, but this little system will end up being absorbed into the circulation of the bigger storm moving away. We may still end up with one more enhanced band of snow early tomorrow morning:


Have a great morning. Let us know how much snow you had.


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110 comments to How much snow so far?

  • Kole Christian

    KCI reporting 8 inches. That’s pretty close to where I live and we have at least that much, still snowing hard, so I’m at a rare location that got what was predicted. I knew temps weren’t going to be a problem at least at my place.

  • SouthOlatheGraham

    8 inches in SouthOlathe.

  • mgsports

    It’s is Windy outside because a Tree Branch from a neighbors back yard fell down on a Cable Line that had lots of Snow on it in my parents back yard at 3265 W. 101st in Overland Park,KS

  • 2soccerboyz

    In southern Blue Springs, it looks like more than what we got last week. So I’m thinking there’s at least 10 inches right now. (Hard to tell with blowing/drifting, but I’m not going out until it stops.) The trees are very heavy with snow. We lost power for a few hours last night, but are okay now.

  • Looks like around 4-5″ here in Lawrence, at least at my corner of the city anyway.

  • kiwifruit

    I’m Gladstone MO, got 6.5″ here so far and still coming down. The snow sticking to everything looks really cool… Though a tree near the powerline is making me a little nervous.

  • Major Dryslot

    Near the Oak Park Mall we have received 7.0 inches of wet snow.


    8″ in Platte City. Finally able to get out in he light and measure. We have drifts if 2 feet in some areas. The snow has picked up with large flakes. Wind is howling.

    • HeatMiser

      I think the drift might be from the last storm. This stuff seems way to wet and clingy and heavy to drift.

  • weatherkcmo

    Probably 6-7 here near Prarie Village. Might be more.

  • rkcal

    Area of snow seems to be shrinking from south to north. The worst is over before 9 am.

  • tigerscott

    Lees Summit SE about 8 to 9 inches

  • snowlover71

    South Overland Park maybe 4-5 inches. I am disappointed. I was really excited for a historic snowstorm, one my kids could remember. It is pretty, but they could have gone to school and I wish we would have gotten more.

    • I know, it’s a psychological effect. Only 4 to 5 inches. Wow! That would normally be a big storm.


      • kcpurpledog

        I’m in south OP at 143rd and Nieman. We have a solid 7 inches (not including any melting) right now at 9:10AM.

        • kcpurpledog

          143rd and Nieman in South OP measured 7.5 exactly at 9:25. Probably had 10 or 11 actual snow with the initial melting and the compacting of the wet snow.

  • farmingnolkes

    Best I can tell 8 maybe 9

  • heavysnow

    My brother says he has 6 inches in Blue Springs East near I-70

  • f00dl3

    ~8 inches in Lenexa near 95 & Santa Fe Trail Drive.

  • goodlifegardens

    Garden City/Creighton I don’t know about this “lower than expected”. Best I can find a protected spot to measure we have 14-15 inches on the ground. That includes maybe 3-4 inches left from the last storm. We also have some mush on the bottom so must have had some rain first. Going out to break ice for the cows I sunk in at least 24″ on what looked like a flat surface. The electric fence has an inch circling it. I can’t tell if it’s still snowing or just blowing. Jake the beagle normally likes snow but today he looked like a dolphin coming up and landing under the snow then surfacing again. After a 200 yd walk to the pond and back he didn’t complain about coming back to the house without his usual mile.

  • rkcal

    Without the wind, this is, at best, a moderate event. From Sunday on, it was clear the temps would not cooperate for higher totals. Surprised the mets missed this.

    • R-Dub

      Lol…and 8″ total at KCI is not moderate. We have whole seasons where KCI doesn’t get 8″. This will be a top 20 all time storm for official readings.

      I knew we weren’t gonna get the huge totals that were being thrown around. But just because we didn’t get 15″ doesn’t mean this is a bust or anything.

    • I really think you hit that on the nose. I thought temperatures would be around 30 to 31 for the entire event. Last night it warmed up to 35 and 36 degrees. and this was a significant factor that I SHOULD HAVE known. Certainly a forecast error. But, the other aspects of the storm did materialize.


  • dpollard

    8.2″ in Blue Springs in driveway but about 11.0″ new snow in yard.

  • f00dl3

    So if KCI had 8.0″ out of this event so far and 9.6″ out of the last event, that means darn near a whole season’s worth of snow has fallen over the past 5 days! Guess Joe Bastardi was right!

  • SouthOlatheGraham

    8 inches of snow in Olathe

  • ChrisK

    Approx 8″ of new snow in eastern Jackson County (3.5miles north of I70/Grain Valley)….That gives us almost 20″ of snow this week

  • Kole Christian

    As expected rkcal

  • Cacti51

    9″ on deck at 127th & Ridgeview-Olathe

  • angvic00

    Yikes, just lost power for a moment here in NW Olathe. Have to wait for the satellite to reset itself…just as I was watching Gary & Brett discuss the amount of coffee they have been drinking…

    We may not have gotten “epic amounts of snow” but it sure beats the totals we’ve had these past couple of years and it’s pretty:-)

  • spaceotter

    Just cleared off my car and dug a good 3 foot area around it so when the plow comes through the parking lot I don’t get packed in. The snow in the parking lot is drifted between 1 and a half feet to just over 3 feet. It’s a freakin mess. Hope the penny pinching property management does more than pay someone to one pass the lots and trap us all here.

  • Lolapaws

    Haven’t been able to measure here in South OP, but I just wanted to describe what I’m seeing.

    The trees out back look majestic–it’s as if they are covered in soap suds! I don’t recall ever seeing snow this “sticky”. I was also impressed at the brave squirrel that tried in vain to trek through the snow to climb the bird-feeder, disappearing into the snow in the process!

    So very grateful that we had our trees trimmed last week in anticipation of these storms. Hoping that those without power get it back on soon, and hoping that those in fear of losing it, don’t!

  • craigmac

    Snowplow just came through. I very thankful, but now I have to go move over 18″ of heavy, packed snow from the front of my drive.

  • Ladybug

    I measured about 7.5 inches in Shawnee near I-35 and 67th Street. I measured in seveal places on the sidewalks and driveway which were clear of snow prior to this storm.

  • snowbird

    I am guessing 8 or more at Weatherby Lake, Lots of huge drifts, power flickering, trees bent over to the ground, already have some limbs down.

  • HeatMiser

    A fairly heavy snow band seems to have formed over Lawrence.

  • lvksguy

    My drive was perfectly clear at the start of all this. I’ll go take a measurement in a few hours after this finishes and report back to you.

  • dpollard

    Gary, if we have about 8.5″ in drive and 11.0″ in yard with melting and compacting due to warm temps surely that would have put us in the 12″-18″ range if it would have been 29-30 degrees.

  • spaceotter

    SWEET! My plan worked! The area I shoveled around my car saved me from being walled in when the plow passed. WOO HOO!

  • weatherkcmo

    I underestimated the snow. There’s well over a foot in my yard.

  • f00dl3

    So 1″ fell yesterday afternoon, melted, then 1/4″ of sleet fell, melted, then 8″ of snow fell overnight when I measured it at 7:30 AM, and we have had about an inch since. So grand total 10.5″ Lenexa near Santa Fe Trail & 95th.

  • shoedog

    7 inches in Leawood 132nd and Roe. Lots of limbs down in neighborhood. Luckily we didn’t get 12 inches of this wet snow or it would have been a disaster for the trees.

  • f00dl3

    10.25″ not 10.5″ – probably 10.5-11″ though with melting and stuff. Plow just went by so driveway is buried under a even 9-10″ with a 4 foot mound at the end. Shoveling out is going to be real fun today!

  • lvksguy

    The amount of new snow I’m seeing outside here in Leavenworth has increased significantly in the 3 hours since I woke up.

  • WeatherNerd

    10″ in Louisburg, KS. Amazing the difference one or two degrees can make. Still a pretty amazing stretch of weather the past 5 days!


    Snowing heavy still in Platte City. New measurement is 9.25 ” so far and continuing to add up. Some places in yard are 10″ but am waiting to get more spots at 10 before calling it. It is really coming down. Plows can’t keep roads uncovered.

  • stjoeattorney

    STJOE 4 inches as of 8:00 pm.

    It has snowed hard the last almost 2 hours. will measure the post 8:00 am accum at lunch. my guess is now we are between 5-6 and will end up with 8. I have been looking at omaha and des iowa radar and it is still looping around from the NE if i does this until 2-3 pm 9-10 could be atained.

    Thoughts Gary?

  • trainlver

    7.5 on driveway and 14.5 in yard. Olathe

  • HeatMiser

    I totally cleared the 9 inches off top of my Grand Caravan after the last storm. In Central Lawrence a solid 5 1/2 inches as of 9:56 am.

  • tigerscott

    10 inches on driveway in SE Lees Summit

  • Tornado

    Various measurements averaged 6.1″ near 119th and Nall in OP. It was too wet to drift much.

  • nerd in lansing

    11in in lansing uploaded photos as lansing51…neighbors small pear tree toppled over fence… 0_0..Juan in lansing

  • HeatMiser

    I’d say at least a half inch on my car after I cleared the 9 inches of last time. 5 1/2 this time. So, about 15 in Lawrence in the past five days….cool!!!!

  • ShanePBrady

    It seems here in Plattsburg, we’re in the 8-10″ range. The temperature has been below freezing for large periods of time. The snow is also heavy and wet, which means lots of water, which I think is the most important part. We also lost power for almost 3 hours.

  • Gary is this the last snow for the season? or Do you think we will have at least one more?? I need just one more to be satisfied with this winter!

  • araignee

    8 and 1/4″ in Excelsior Springs and its still coming down pretty hard. Tons of interesting birds at our bird feeders having a grand time.

  • lvksguy

    I’m measuring 6″ of new snow here in Leavenworth. Not much overnight, but we had a pretty good pounding this morning!

    • CityofPrisons

      Where are you in Leavenworth? I am close to the VA in South Leavenworth, and I have 8″ of new snow. I made sure to measure on the deck, stairs and driveway since I knew for sure they were clear when the snow started. (I suspect some melted on the driveway, because I had slightly less when measuring there, as compared to the stairs and deck.)

      • lvksguy

        Not far from the intersection of Spruce and 20th. I also have more on elevated surfaces, but only 6″ on previously clear spots on the ground. I believe, from a meteorological standpoint, they prefer a depth measurement from the ground only. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

        • CityofPrisons

          In that case, I am positive about my 8″ measurement now. I have seen a few devices for snow measurement that are flat boards with a measuring device (ruler) attached. They set out in the open in a yard or somewhere.

          I have no idea where to measure in my yard, because I still had a lot of snow cover from the last storm.

  • trinlivco

    Gary, Here in Chillicothe we have a winter wonder land (Beautiful) if you like snow. Measured between 6 and 8″ of very wet snow. Sticking to everything, weighing down shurbs, trees and power lines. Mothere nature has finally blessed us with some very much needed moisture. Everyone be safe out thier and enjoyed the snow. TR

  • erock89

    9 in most spots some spots of 10.5 in prairie village

  • orgirl69

    9.5″ in Raymore on the driveway that was bare concrete yesterday. Doesn’t seem to be too much drifting due to the snow weight. My evergreen shrubs look sad…

  • CityofPrisons

    I live in Leavenworth, Kansas and when I woke up at 6 am, we had about three inches of new on the deck and driveway… I went out and shoveled for about an hour, and while that will help me later, it was covered immediately again.

    I measured just a few minuted ago (10:15 am) and we have a solid 8″ of new snow here at my house. Consider me pleasantly surprised, as I figured the storm would drift far enough away to leave us with just a couple inches.

    Still snowing lightly now… If the temperatures would have been just a bit lower, I imagine we would be pushing close to a foot of snow… I wonder how much fell that could have accumulated had the temps been just a bit lower?

    Everyone be safe!

  • siraluce

    Westheight Neighborhood in KCK (near N 18th and State): Six inches of snowfall, average of 9 inches depth. Storm total melted down so far (as of 10 AM) to 0.70 inches. This compares with 1.10 inches of water equivalent and 10 inches in the previous event here.

    Good storm, more than I was expecting last night, but less than was forecast. Not all is attributable to the slightly above freezing temps, based on the 0.70 inches water equivalent in the gauge. But close enough for government (and media) work.

    Of course a bit more light stuff is yet to fall, though not likely to add much to overall snow depth.

  • SouthOlatheGraham

    9 inches in south Olathe..

  • spaceotter

    With as wet as this snow is I would suggest anyone like me that lives in an apartment go out after the plow runs by and clear the snow behind and to the sides of your vehicle a little. This stuff will turn to ice after compacting all day and then temps dropping tonight.

  • stjoeattorney

    NWS forecast update for valid at 10:00 on for me os 3-5 more inches, It had been 1-3. We can make a run at 8 or 9 the WSWNINGS may be extended set to expire a 3pm.

    Plow just went by and the street is coated white already.

    this appears to be secondary banding far out from the storm, just shows how intense the low is.

    • sedsinkc

      Perhaps will issue a WWA for after 3 p.m.?

    • kcpurpledog

      That includes what you have already received today so far. Its not an additional 3-5 from when you wrote that. There is no way on his green earth St. Joe gets 8 or 9 inches. Send a pic if you do, then I’ll believe it. Your totals are always, always 3 inches higher than what St. Joe reports.

  • craigmac

    Will the snow down in Emporia lift back through the metro or just fizzle out?

  • MikeL

    Only about 3″ from this storm at my house in SW Topeka and half of that has fallen this morning. Nice band on top of us now…

  • windyinmarshallmo

    10 inches here in Marshall.

  • Morham

    I just measured 7″ in Independence. It is very wet and compact as you all know. Could this have impacted the actual measurement? Did any melting occur that could have impacted this measurement as well?


  • blueflash

    I measured an average of 7 inches as well at my home in W Central Independence. This is on top of 6 inches remaining from last storm. I imagine there has been some serious compacting from the weight of the snow.

  • splash79

    Hey, long time lurker here and I just wanted to add another total to the mix. I measured 9 inches on my patio table, which was free of snow from the last storm. Oh, and I’m just south of the Grandview Triangle.

  • Overbrook

    Finally back in from shoveling the walks and neighbor’s drive. Heavy, heavy, heavy snow- backbreaking, heart attack making deep. Measured 8 inches off formerly bare ground, pavement, walks, etc. 9.5 in the snow covered areas before hitting the former snow pack and punched through for 15 inches +/- total snowpack around the yard. Some drifting here, but mostly limited by the wet snow. No idea what we’d have gotten if it had stuck from the start. We had an inch on the ground before 3:00 yesterday afternoon, then up to 2 inches more early evening, but most of that was gone when the heavier, steadier snow started later in the evening and overnight. I’d guess 12-15 inches might have fallen out of the sky, but there’s no way to know for sure. Great moisture!

  • erock89

    anyone have any info on this next snow chance tonight? Gary said what like 1 more inch?

  • sedsinkc

    A total of 6.7 inches at my house in KC North just S of Gladstone after a slow start to the accumulations overcoming the warm temperatures. It probably would have been a foot or more if it had been as cold as last week. This snow was like shoveling wet concrete.

  • Measured an average of 7.5-8″ in Raytown at 1100. It’s pretty compacted due to the extremely wet snow…went out to plow the driveway about 0500 and 30 min later, I was totally saturated from snowfall. Imagine if the temp had been 25 or so…much drier, fluffier snow…and more depth.


  • melafinatu

    I think the 8-9 inch range is about right for Platte City. This storm looks much more impressive outside than last weeks.

    It packed the igloo together real nice!

  • sedsinkc

    Two days ago on the blog I predicted 7 inches at my house. Actual total 6.7 (so far). Just a tad lower than predicted. Last week’s storm I predicted 9 and got 9.8 inches, just a tad higher.

  • JJ

    Kept the measure stick out last night we started with 7 and now have 14 south of H’vile. Some very wet stuff and now snowing lightly again. Shoveled the drive and oh my goodness it was some heavy snow. I’m done!

  • siraluce

    Is anybody melting down the snow in a gauge and trying to obtain a water equivalent? (0.70 inches here.)

    Snowfall is so subjective, especially if you don’t take about 100 measurements over a large area with no significant obstructions nearby.

    A tube filled with the snow and then melted down and measured for water equivalent (the larger the diameter of the tube the better) provides a more objective reading of the precipitation amount and is at least as important is the ‘snowfall.’

    • R-Dub

      But the same problems with representativeness apply to your melted down tube of snow, just like they do with snowfall depth measurements.

      • siraluce

        A tube is an area, especially a 4-inch diameter one or better. Therefore a better measurement than a stick.

        I guess the answer is ‘no.’ Easier to just stick a ruler in the ground and call a ‘measurement.’

  • spaceotter

    I think it’s easy to say we had around an inch of precip with this storm. Maybe an inch and a quarter if you include what came down yesterday late afternoon into the evening.

  • R-Dub

    9″ new snow as measured on walks and drives. 15″ depth in open undisturbed areas of the front yard. Near downtown OP.

  • Suzq

    Just went out and measured. We have 7 new inches at 152 and N. Oak. We have lost a few small branches, and the neighbors branch fell off and took the top off of one of my trees :(

  • SouthOlatheGraham







  • ArmyMa

    I concur with SJ Atty at 10:50 for around 8 inches here in Joe. We had to go out for medicine earlier; on the parking lots there is ice lurking under the snow. It is still coming down lightly, and very fine. My old Mom used to say, “Snow like meal, snow a great deal.” Looking at the zoomed out radar, looks like it’s whipping around and coming back at us from Illinois!

    • stjoeattorney

      Grandparents and parents are always right. 6.5+ so far!

    • kcpurpledog

      You concurr with 8 inches although he only has 6.5 total now. He said if it kept up he would wind up with 8 or 9. If ours would have kept up this morning til tomorrow, we would have 35. St. Joe does NOT have 8 from this storm. You might have 8 on the ground from the two combined, but not from last night. The Illinois bands are, in fact, moving west, but the entrire system is sliding east. They won’t make to you or me.

  • sedsinkc

    The roof collapses are coming in now. Perhaps more to come.

  • SouthOlatheGraham

    Just took a average of the snow fall totals at my house… Got about 10 inches

  • blue8091

    Such a wet heavy snow! My snow removal guys kicked some serious butt and I’m already cleared out and have a maze for the pooch! There is a pile of snow at end of yard from roads/snow removal that is taller than I am..and I’m 5’2. My street is normally cleared really quickly but we’ve had a lot of snow since it was plowed this morning…which means I will catch it again at end of my driveway. Tree branches are sagging dangerously low all down the street here in S OP. Now the only thing is the cold temps we’re gonna get..yuck.

  • stjoeattorney

    After this little wave brings 1-3 more overnite;

  • erock89

    anyone have any info on tonights chance of more snow? Gary said what like another inch?

  • SouthOlatheGraham

    What do you guys think about school tomorrow?

  • mgsports

    Their was one in Shawnee at Horse Arena at Renner Road by 435 and so on. Could be a record.

  • Suzq

    We have a fine cross between snow and sleet falling in the Northland.

  • siraluce

    12 inches of snow! Of course, it was just one spot in the yard with a stick poking into the ground and included the previous snowfall.

    But close enough for the blog, eh?