How much rain will fall by Saturday?

Good evening bloggers,

A thunderstorm formed east of Emporia after 4 PM this afternoon. And, it then tracked almost due east, perhaps a bit south of east and was near I-35 southwest of Ottawa as of 4:40 PM.  This is a small cell on the leading edge of some lifting being caused by the upper level low that is moving our way.

How much rain do you think will fall from this system?  I am still saying between 0.10″ and 1.00″.  I will try to get more specific at 10 PM tonight.

We did get within three degrees for the 27th day in a row.  Tomorrow is challenging. At this moment I am going 76º.  Let’s see if I make an adjustment during our 10 PM newscast. What do you think?

Have a nice evening.


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12 comments to How much rain will fall by Saturday?

  • Jerry

    I’m going with 2″ + somewhere in the metro.

  • heatherr1

    Might have been nice to get a quick update on Friday night’s rain at the end of the newscast for those of us who are excited about the Gardner Edgerton/Aquinas match-up. Missouri vs. Oklahoma isn’t the only ESPN game this week!

  • hippygoth

    Amazing how much the forecast has changed, this must be a tricky one to get.

    Some forecasters just a few days ago were predicting this to be a 3 or 4 day rain event. It looks like mother nature is now throwing the curve.

    Congrats on 27 days Gary and team, that’s very impressive.

    So I maybe a little early, just want to say, I can’t wait for your Winter forecast (if you done a fall forecast I missed it :( ), I really enjoy the enthusiasm you show in the winter forecast (as well as your regular ones), maybe this year though, the rest of the team could be involved? You have a real solid team, it would be nice for you all to be involved in the biggest forecast of the year. :)


  • weather expert 20

    gary, is there really a system showing up anywhere that is targeting kansas city during our first frezze or is it just going to be a freeze and no major storms with it next week.

    • There are no major storm systems showing up.

      • weather expert 20

        what was the european and the gfs saying last night, did they dissipate and fizzle apart or are there some ingreediants there that was still left over. if we don’t have any major storm systems next week what will the freeze do to us by this time next week. what does halloween hold for the trick or treaters that night, will it be cold or do you know yet

  • I’ll guess 0.45 inches of rain at my location north of the river. As for tomorrow’s high, 76 seems a little high to me if a lot of cloud cover moves in by afternoon.

  • Weatherman Kumke

    Going with 0.68 inches of rain for the event in Olathe. While we might get into the warm front, Would go with 74 due to cloud cover advancing ahead during the mdi to late afternoon hours

  • mowermike

    .79 inches is my guess for the rain event. Tomorrow’s high will reach the 70’s. Latest GFS appears less aggressive with the cold front late next week.

  • mbilar1

    This stretch of fall San Diego weather is unprecedented in my 49 years in K.C. Gut tells me when it crashes it will crash hard. Or no? What does this mean for the LRC?? A wetter pattern is setting up, but will the winter be mild and dry like Ocotober?

  • Nick1

    Hmmm. Ill go for .34 inches of moisture at STJ. That is my two cents, when you get into dry spells, they have a way of holding on. If I am wrong and we get more I’ll be happily suprised!