How Is The Block Influencing This Weather Pattern Now

Good morning bloggers,

We are now experiencing the fourth cycle of this years weather pattern. The pattern began back in October and it will continue through the rest of winter, spring, and summer before a new and unique pattern sets up next fall.  The uniqueness to this pattern is quite obvious in many ways, one of the biggest being what has happened in Amarillo, TX.  They have had 0.01″ of measurable precipitation since October 13th, or 143 days of practically nothing.  If Amarillo is near the center of “nothingness” when it comes to experiencing precipitation, then Kansas City is close to this epicenter of the lack of weather excitement. This continues today even though there is a big blocking high that is reaching peak strength now. It is having a major influence on the pattern.  The storm, that I am experiencing on my #Snowchase2018 in Lake Tahoe, is being significantly influenced by the block. If you just draw a straight line from the Upper High to the Upper Low approaching the west coast today, you can see the influence.  Also, directly underneath this block is a powerful storm forming near the New England coast. Take a look at this weather pattern as of noon today:

LRC Cycle 4 March 2 Block

The weather from Amarillo, TX to Kansas City, MO is having barely any noticeable affects from this block. For those of us living near KC our frustrations continue with this pattern. IF there was a time for something different to happen, now would have been that time, but this next west coast system will track north of KC once again leaving us in the dust.

Here is the surface forecast map valid at noon today (1 PM eastern time0:


The upper high, the block, has forced this storm to be more powerful, and the block has helped myself experience this yesterday.


I did actually get stuck about 15 minutes before I wisely got in line behind this snow plow. We were stopped for 15 minutes and I worried that they were going to close the road.  This is the Mount Rose Highway that reaches 8,911 feet.  About 15 minutes earlier I pulled over to take a video, and got stuck in 5″ of snow on the shoulder. I was able to wobble my car back and forth and eventually I got out after clearing a little snow.  There was another car stuck on the left in this picture. But, I made it over the ridge and I am now having an incredible experience at Lake Tahoe.  There was a very heavy band of snow falling early this morning, thus is the reason I was up blogging. I just took a walk in the snow, around 1 foot here on the north shore as of 2 AM. I cleared an area to measure how much falls from 3 to around 8 AM when I will head back out there.

Have a great day everyone.  I will be doing another Facebook Live and a Twitter Live sometime this morning. Thank you for sharing in this Action Weather Blog Experience featuring Weather2020 and the LRC. Go over to the Weather2020 blog to join in the conversation.


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