Hot, Humid, the Next Cold Front and Lane

Good Saturday bloggers,

The heat and humidity have returned and will be around through Monday ahead of the next cold front. We will look at the forecast below. First, let’s take a look at how rainfall has evolved over the summer across the middle of the USA. The drought has been obliterated in some locations.

Here is a look at the southwest Plains. The drought has vanished from just north of Amarillo, TX to Dodge City, KS. This was one of the driest locations headed into the Spring.  Look at Dodge City, they are above average rainfall for the year.  Amazing. Amarillo, is about 7″ below average, but 4″ of rain has occurred since July 1st.


The main body of Oklahoma is doing great with Oklahoma City to Tulsa between 2″ and 4″ above and below average. Tulsa is on the southern edge of the drought impacting our region.


Here is a look to the north along I-80. Grand Island, NE to Des Moines, IA are also doing great. Now, the drought has crept north into southern Iowa. Des Moines has seen only 3″ of rain since July 1st.


The conditions across Missouri vary greatly. St. Louis has seen 30″ of rain this year which is 3″ above average. Kirksville, to St. Joseph to KC have seen 12″ to 24″ of rain this year. Now, the drought has been nicked in the last few weeks and there is another round of rain chances next week.


SATURDAY: Today will be breezy, hot and humid with haze in the air. The haze is the smoke from the western North America wildfires.


SUNDAY: A weak disturbance will bring a few showers and thunderstorms to northeast Kansas and northwest Missouri during the morning. They will most likely stay northwest of KC. Otherwise, we are in for a windy, hot and humid day with areas of clouds.


MONDAY: It will be more of the same, windy, hot and humid with highs 90°-95°. There is a cold front entering the picture across the Dakotas and western Nebraska.


TUESDAY: The cold front will be in our area and will light up with thunderstorms during the later afternoon and evening. Where will the front be located when the thunderstorms get going? The latest data has the heaviest rain from southeast Kansas to northern Illinois. This would leave northeast Kansas and northwest Missouri dry. The front timing will be key to who sees the best rain. If the front is slower, more of our region will see decent rain. Conversely, if the front is faster, then less of our area will see rain. If you miss the rain Tuesday, there will be another chance Thursday as the front heads back north as a warm front.


Lane is now a tropical storm, but it has shown some intensification south of Honolulu. The storm never made landfall, but the bands of heavy rain will last through Tuesday as Lane drifts slowly west.  What a mess!


Have a great weekend.

Jeff Penner


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