High Pressure Expands: Calm Weather

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It’s FRIDAY!  We hope everyone is enjoying this summer. This weekend will be one of the quietest weekends of weather this year.  It has been a rather entertaining summer of weather thus far and I will enjoy this break. As July comes to an end the jet stream will be reaching its weakest strength and farthest north positions:

CPH BLEND 3 Years Lines F

This graphic above shows the Cycling Pattern Index from the past three years. This is actually a blend of three different locations. The biggest take away from looking at this graph of the cycling weather pattern is that you can see where the jet stream is weakest, right at this time of the year. The jet stream is strongest during mid-winter and weakest during mod-summer. The jet stream is caused by temperature contrast and this time of the year has the smallest difference in temperatures on average from southern Canada to northern Mexico and from northern Europe to the Mediterranean Sea.  During the winter the temperature contrasts are much larger and what is called the thermal wind is forced to be stronger.  This minimum average strength is reached during this next ten day stretch, so this should be the week that the weather is the most calm. It isn’t always that way, but it is going to behave that way this weekend.

Surface Forecast Valid 7 PM Sunday:

Look at the surface map for later this weekend. A high pressure area is forecast to expand out over northern Illinois. Most of the nation will be very calm.



There isn’t even a marginal risk for severe weather in the day 3 outlook as you can see above.

Surface Forecast Valid Next Thursday Morning:


This next map, above, shows the weekend surface high weakening over the southeastern United States. Another high pressure area is forecast to expand over Minnesota and the northern plains into the upper midwest.  In between these two features will be a cold front with a the next chance of thunderstorms. I described the cycling pattern in yesterdays video, and this part of the pattern is right on schedule. The take away here is that there will be few chances of thunderstorms over most of the nation in this weakest part of the weather pattern and over all we are going to have a rather quiet stretch. So, let’s enjoy the beautiful summer weather.

Have a great day. Thank you for sharing in this weather experience on the Action Weather Blog featuring Weather2020 and the cycling weather pattern.  Over the weekend I will share you some of the research we are working on to bring this technology to the world in the next year.


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