Here comes some rain….Finally!

It’s Friday Night In The Big Town,

And, here comes the rain. There has been a history of lightning with this first round of rain coming our way. So, we may actually have a thunderstorm. The rain is growing as it moves our way and up to a half of an inch will be possible, especially north of Kansas City.

Let us know what you experience. And, I hope when we come back from the weekend that I have some more exciting weather to talk about.

Have a great weekend.


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15 comments to Here comes some rain….Finally!

  • davidmcg

    Thunder in McLouth KS. YEEEEEHHHHHHHHAAAAWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Greenstein

    Lightening and thunder in South OP with some rain and strong wind

  • davidmcg

    So, now we wait and see how much we end up with. And, to see how the government climatologists adjust the drought monitor next week. My guess will be the adjust it so the areas that see even a quarter inch are bumped down one notch, even though that is so far far from reality and common sence. But, who said the government and book smart people have very much of that anyhow? Let them be the ones working the dirt and I bet they would have an entirely different view, a much closer to reality view.

    • restull

      I agree. Just like how the Palmer Drought Index says south-central Kansas needs just 6-9 inches of rain to end the drought….when in actuality we’re down 20-25 (locally 30) inches in the last 2 years! It looks like most places here will only see 0.10 inch at best! Wichita (33 days), Dodge City (34 days), and Goodland (50 days) without measurable precipitation!

  • Who was the first one to say we will have a 100% chance t-storms,and rain today,and saturday last week??? Anyone…Anyone…Thats right…Tushchaser did…Do you know when he made that call??? Anyone…Anyone…Thats correct,Last Sat.,Dec.8th…TUSHCHASER ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What do you think about that McGabby. :)

  • sedsinkc

    So disappointed McCabe58 didn’t join me at Chili’s in Liberty tonight. It’s tough to have a coherent discussion with someone on this blog, would’ve preferred to talk in person. I think he lives on the North side like I do. Raining pretty good here at la casa here in KC North right now. Very happy about that.

  • RickMckc

    Great to see and hear the rain … but, sadly, the dry slot approacheth.

  • After looking at the GFS and EC 240hrs.out,it does not look like a white christmas for the K.C. area…They,re both quite similar w/ ridging over the midwest,central plains.

  • I,m OUT…Have a good 1. :)

  • McCabe58

    Hmm I guess I never saw your offer seds?.. And I will admit it Kevin did say tstorms awhile back and I called him crazy.. I can admit when I’m wrong