Here Comes Another Storm System

Good morning bloggers.

The active weather pattern continues.  The next storm is lining up for this weekend and it begins forming today.  Let’s take a look, but let’s begin with the Kansas City Weather Time Line:

  • Today:  Some fog this morning lifting with a chance of some sunshine returning. The wind will shift to the east at 5-15 mph later in the day in response to a low pressure area forming over the southern Rocky Mountains region.  High: 41°
  • Tonight:  Cloudy with a chance of rain or freezing rain. No ice accumulation expected. Low:  33°
  • Saturday:  Cloudy, breezy, with an increasing chance of rain. The chance of rain is 70% for a few hours. High:  50°
  • Sunday:  Sunshine returns. High:  51°


The rain, that you can see on this map above, is the beginning of another excessive rain event spreading towards Missouri and Arkansas.  The northern edge of this may sneak into Kansas City Friday night. What happens to this developing storm next is fascinating.

3An upper level storm is going to track out of the Rocky Mountains east out into the plains.  We are monitoring this closely as it may have some impacts close to Kansas City. Most likely, any snow will fall way to the north. Some of the models sneak it south into northwestern Missouri,  which is possible, but the only way it gets as far south as KC is if it is more organized into an upper low and tracks farther south. It is the next system that we have watch closely as well for next week. But, we know what has happened this season as we are still sitting at under 6 inches of snow for the snow year.

A surface low, being generated by this upper level pattern Friday, will intensify and move out into the plains Saturday.  Where this low tracks will decide many things. How warm will it get Saturday depends on the track of this system. If the low stays south of KC, then 40s will be all we can reach Saturday. If the low tracks northwest of KC, then there is a chance of 60 degrees or higher. Here is a closer zoomed in look at last nights track:


Here is the GFS precipitation forecast for the next five days ending Tuesday night:


The highly advertised blocking upper high begins forming in this next seven day stretch. There will likely be influences. Amarillo is still sitting at 0.00″ of snow for a reason.  Wichita, KS is still sitting on 0.3″ of snow for a reason. Dodge City’s 1.1″ of snow so far is shattering a record. This could all change quickly if just one storm can target the area, but it will be difficult. The blocking must force the jet stream south at just the right time for something “out of the box” to form this season. You can see a discussion of the block in yesterdays blog entry.

Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day reading the Action Weather Blog featuring Weather2020 and the LRC. Let’s continue our great discussion and share together on the Weather2020 blog.


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