Heat Wave #2

Good afternoon bloggers,

It was 99° yesterday officially at KCI Airport. So, the streak continues.  There is a decent chance of a few thunderstorms by Sunday morning, but the chance is seemingly getting less and less as this system approaches. The last inch of rain in KC happened around 46 to 47 days before Sunday, so, it would fit for us to get hit, but that doesn’t mean for sure we will. We will monitor the chance over the weekend.

The 500 mb Flow Valid Wednesday, July 4th:


What does this map mean?  This forecast map shows the 500 mb flow valid on July 4th.  500 mb is around 18,000 feet above us and meteorologists use this level to find and track storm systems and disturbances. What happens aloft, and not just at 18,000 feet, but through a deeper layer will help influence significantly what happens at the surface. An average thunderstorm has a top of around 30,000 to 45,000 feet at this time of the year, with the stronger severe thunderstorms possibly reaching 70,000 feet or higher, the top of the troposphere.  So, 18,000 feet is really a middle layer. This map shows two major anticyclones; one over the eastern states, and another over the Pacific Ocean. The anticyclone can be a heat wave creating machine, and this one right now is pretty strong.  We will be at the mercy of this system with the main jet stream and flow being diverted over the top and in between these features. The red line is the 594 line, or the heigh of the 500 mb level, or 5,940 meters above sea level. This has forced the jet stream to retreat all the way up to Hudson Bay.  The pattern is still cycling regularly, so we will be able to predict when cold fronts are most likely to move through, and one of them is approaching Saturday night, but it is being influenced by this pattern.  These high heights will be a factor in the next few weeks as we move deeper into summer. The chance of 100 degrees a few times this summer is nearly 100%.  Let’s see how it sets up.

I will be back to work at KSHB-TV on Monday.  Sunny is not liking the heat, but I did get her out for a 7 AM walk before the heat built in. Here is a picture, and have a great weekend.  Click on the blog at Weather2020 to share in this weather experience.



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2 comments to Heat Wave #2

  • Richard

    This blog is not showing up on 2020 once again.

    The blog format is going to pot over there. The DATES of previous blogs are all over the place, not in order. Go look at it.

    And that page us jumping up and down due to tge moving Related Posts. Get rid of them ! They are not needed.

  • Richard

    Hey Gary
    Concerning Sunny
    Do you test the sidewalk with your bare hands or bare feet before walking Sunny ?
    Try it.
    Even at 7 a.m. the sidewalk is hot in the sun.
    Do you know the only way for dogs to sweat is through anything that does not have fur.
    So, nose, mouth, and feet.