Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Happy Thanksgiving Action Weather Bloggers,

The KCPL Plaza Lighting Special is on 41 Action News at 6 PM before the football game on NBC tonight. We hope everyone has a great feast today!  It may be, will likely be the warmest Thanksgiving Day in Kansas City’s history. It has not ever been above 70° on Thanksgiving Day and we should easily do that today.

Here are some pictures from earlier today. Breezy has been sick since Sunday and she had a little set back this morning, but she was able to get outside with Stormy and I for these pics.  Have a great day and we will update the weather forecast on 41 Action News tonight and in the blog tomorrow.

As you can see in the middle picture, we still have some beautiful fall foliage at this late November 22nd date.  Have a great day.

Gary Lezak and our 41 Action News Weather Team

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8 comments to Happy Thanksgiving Day!

  • hobart

    Damn this endless, dry weather!!!!!!!!!
    This will probably be an appropriate comment for the next 12 months.

  • mowermike

    nah…we’ll have plenty of wet storms as soon as the jet drops south and that southern stream gets going..lot of SW ULL potential this winter, we just need to get the parade going. Look for an active Dec. it did rain 1-2 inches 10 days ago, so it’s not that dry.

    however, it does look bone dry through next week per the models. hopefully they’re wrong

    Happy Thanksgiving all…time to eat up and drink up

  • stl78

    Smokin my bird today….feels like spring

  • hrbrbldrs

    Gary you said it has never been above 70 in Kansas City on thanksgiving. I’m not saying that statement isn’t true but I must say I kind of find that hard to believe that when you look at the whole month record highs are all 70 and above except for 2 days towards the end of the month. So unless the 2 days in November that don’t have a record high of 70 or above have always been thanksgiving then your statement is false. If anything it sounds like a global warmest saying things that could be true and may not. Now onto our future winter months there are already people “freaking” out how warm this winter is. First winter hasn’t started and second in 2009 November was very warm, even though we had 2 days of snow that month in spite of the warmth. So all that to say Happy Thanksgiving and please can we stop saying “this has never happened” when that may or may not be true. Please excuse any grammer or spelling errors as I type slower then my brain is moving! Ha!!

    • Kole Christian

      I remember 09-10. November was warm and then we got about 44 inches in the next 3 months. I predicted 18 for this year. I don’t think our Novembers have ever compared to our January’s

  • Kole Christian

    I’m. Not worried, it will rain again eventually. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  • davidmcg

    wind shifted here in McLouth hours ago, but the temp continues to rise. 69.6°F and still climbing, no rain today. Lots of food, target practice with the firearms, family and good times. From rural McLouth, hope you all are enjoying this beautiful day.

  • davidmcg

    temp dropped 6°F in last half hour, down to 63.8°F from a high of 69.8°F. All downhill from here on. Winds aare NNW at 13.0mph gusting to 18.7