Happy Thanksgiving, A Calm Day Across The USA

Happy Thanksgiving Bloggers,


This is my bitmoji.  Do you have one?  It is a very quiet Thanksgiving Day across the United States. It may be one of the quietest Thanksgiving weekends for weather that has ever happened.  Here are todays advisories around the nation:

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 8.06.55 AM

I have a lot going on today as I am honored to be emcee for the seventh year in a row of the traditional Plaza Lighting Ceremony. Tonight is the 88th annual event and the celebrity flip switchers are Kansas City Chiefs Alex Smith and Derrick Johnson. I am looking forward to meeting these great NFL stars, and of course it will be a great moment for them and their families as well.  We will be picking a child from the audience, so watch the 6 PM special tonight. The weather will be fantastic.

One of our favorite bloggers Bill did one of his great write ups this morning in the last blogs comments section over on Weather2020.com.  I will post it here.

From Bill:


Happy Thanksgiving to you sir and to Jeff and all the 20/20 Bloggers!!! Hope everyone has a fantastic day!!!

This pattern will produce; now it most likely won’t be in the 2010-2011 or 2012-2013 or 2013-2014 (yes…just a few short years ago we were talking about snowapocolypse and snomagedden….not sure the climate has really changed that much in 3 years….now if we have these snowless winters for 50-60 years running then we can talk) but it will produce more than the past few years; can that be garunteed? Off course not this is eastern Kansas and Western Missouri….however, in my very humble hobbyist opinion there are enough players on the field in this LRC to give us close to normal amount. One caveat as has been stated before, eastern parts of the viewing area look to do better than the western parts. I will stick with my 13-15 inches for Lawrence but could see Lee’s Summit getting 8-10 inches more and places like Columbia to Saint Louis even better. I will even venture that Lawrence has a 40% chance of gpoing over 13-15 and only a 10% chance of going under. If I’m wrong and Lawrence winds up with 10 inche sor less, I will gladly put on the clown suit and eat the crow.

One other random thought…this warm and dry stretch right now should really not be surprising. We were not goiong to go from Halloween until March at below normal. We were bound to have 7-10 days of warmer than average temperatures. The good news for this year that really wasn’t present last year is the cold in the NWT; Yellowkinfe has had several days with bellow 0 for highs which is quite early. There is cold air in our cold air source this year which really was not the case last year.

The real question will be is what will that SW ridge do in the spring and summer….can we stay in NW flow most of the time and get some decent rain or will it retrograde east and set up shop over Oklahoma??

Again…have a great Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!

Bill confident in this LRC in Washington Creek Valley in Lawrence


Sunny and I are staying on the Plaza at the Residence Inn Marriott.  Have a great day, and try not to eat too much. Happy Thanksgiving.


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