Happy New Year!

Happy New Year,

    The first morning of 2013 was very cold.   Skies quickly cleared around 4AM and the temperatures dropped rapidly.  Icy spots were numerous but because many were still at home in bed, there were very few car crashes across the metro early this morning.  Here is a look at morning lows.

    Even colder air was over northern Iowa where Fort Dodge dropped to 8 below zero.   We are forecasting 9 for a low on Friday morning but it may be even colder than that.  January is defintely starting cold, continuing a weather pattern that started around the 23rd of December.  Even though we had some cold days to finish up December the month ended up warmer than average.

   Here is the December recap I showed on the air this morning.

     The warmest day was on December 4th when the temp hit 74°.  The coldest morning was December 26th.  Yesterday, at KCI, 2.1 inches of snow was measured.  At KCI the snowfall total that will go into the weather records for December 2012 will be 4.6 inches or two-tenths of an inch below average.   Rain and snow combined and melted down measured 1.34 inches of precipitation.  That marked the ninth month in a row the total precipitation was below average.  

     The recent cold air outbreak we have experienced has been the result of the Arctic Oscillation going negative.  It appears the weather pattern may be shifting over the next week.  This shift should allow warmer temperatures to return and the warmer temps may be here as soon as this weekend.  Below is the forecast 500mb map for this Saturday.


     A weak storm will drag a weak cold front through the region Saturday.  Notice the warmer, more orange colors over the desert southwest.  That airmass should shift into our area late in the weekend and into early next week.  It appears at this point we will make a run at 50° by next Tuesday. 

Have a great first day of 2013!



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37 comments to Happy New Year!

  • Skylar

    Looking forward to a break from the cold weather after this snowfall melts. :) BTW, we must’ve gotten another inch of snow last night.

    5″ at Johnson County Executive Airport is my total this morning.

  • mukustink

    Happy New Year to you all! Brett hope you guys find another met soon so you won’t have to work to hard! It seems it’s just you and Jeff with Gary gone all the time :). Gary will have to actually work for a change LOL.

  • SouthOlatheGraham

    Just about 5” of snow at my house.

  • blue8091

    Happy New Year Everyone! :) BRRRRRR!

  • Skylar

    Is that area of snow expanding in central Kansas going to make it here later today?

  • Theo

    I would implore you to send in proof of your 5 inch snowfalls, but I know you can’t. About like this was the driest and the warmest year on record. Also false.

    Drought will plague the midwest throughout 2013.

    Thanks for the party Davey. Great time.

  • Emaw

    Just talked to a guy that lives across the street from Joco executive, he said he had 2-3″ tops. That’s exactly what i have here near 119th and Ridgeview. 5″ is bogus!

    • Skylar

      I never said your measurement was “bogus” even though there is clearly 5″ in my and my neighbor’s yards and people I know throughout JoCo have been measuring similar totals and that preliminary storm reports indicate 5″ for Olathe.

      Here’s are some area snowfall totals from the NWS: “http://forecast.weather.gov/product.php?site=eax&product=lsr&issuedby=EAX&format=CI&version=1&glossary=0″

      You also might be measuring incorrectly, so here’s the official guidelines: “http://www.cocorahs.org/media/docs/Measuring%20Snow-National-Training%201.1.pdf”

      Most important is to make sure you measure right after the snow ends where there has been NO settling/drifting or melting.

  • Emaw

    He just sent me a picture of his deck rail it barely measured 2″.

    • Skylar

      Through the day I got about 1″ on my deck, then all of it melted, then I got a layer of slush, then about 2″ of snow on top when the sun set. That is an inaccurate measurement because the snow on decks would’ve melted as soon as the temperature rose above freezing; ground levels temperatures are lower so any melting would be reduced. I can post a picture of my total in a bit if you really don’t believe me, but it’ll be slightly below 5″ since the snow was so fluffy and was likely compacting throughout the night.

  • Emaw

    Exactly, i measure what’s on the ground or deck or whatever, I’m not counting the crap that melts.

  • Skylar

    Yeah northern parts of JoCo did get less, but down here there’s definitely 4-5″.

    Here’s my deck: “http://i.imgur.com/bI4rG.jpg”
    Actual measurement: “http://i.imgur.com/nWsUw.jpg?1″

  • davidmcg

    In McLouth this morning at 7:38AM it was 9.8°F and we got roughly 2″ of snow, hard to tell with all the drifts. Right now it is 16.5°F here with a windchill of 10°F. Paved roads got real bad last night, glad I live on gravel. KDOT and law enforcement were busy with slide offs and accidents all over the county, still cleaning up the mess. A real tow truck driver and body shop paradise.

  • rred95

    yes i agree emaw you dont count what melts into accumlated snowfall totals. bout 1″ of accumlated snow in liberty.

  • dogsinkc

    Oh God, we’re not going to be stuck in another prolonged period of 50-60 degree weather again are we Brett?

  • McCabe58

    So no storms to talk about for awhile huh?

  • Emaw

    The extended looks pretty dry with temps near or above normal. We gain quite a bit of daylight in January, thank God!

  • KUweatherman

    Gotta love the folks calling ‘shenanigans’ on the 5″ measurements, lol. Just because YOU don’t have 5″ at your house, doesn’t mean 5″ of snow DID fall elsewhere. I’d be jealous too of the higher amounts so close by if I were stuck with less snow.

  • McCabe58

    Yup there were definitely 5″ totals in spots. We have about 4 down here in phill

  • Emaw

    I talked to a guy that I work with, he lives across the street from Joco exec. ! The man took a picture of his measurement and sent it to me, he does not have here 5″ on the ground, period.

    • Skylar

      I also can see the airport from my house, I took a picture and actually posted it here, and it showed 5″. Storm reports indicate 4-5″. You, on the other hand, know some guy who says they had 2″ on the deck despite the fact that anything on a deck would’ve completely melted off in the middle of the day yesterday even though only a little melted in the grass. I think everyone knows which is more reliable.

  • McCabe58

    Heard joco DID have some 5″ spots

  • Alex Pickman

    Got 1 5/8″ here in St. Joe

  • HeatMiser

    3 inches in Lawrence

    • Roohawk

      I measured 3″ at my place in west Lawrence this morning.

    • KUweatherman

      You two are obviously lying*. The LJWorld clearly said Lawrence only got an inch of snow.

      *I believe you.

      • Roohawk

        Yeah KUweatherman, I’m thinking LJWorld went to publication of that article before the snow had stopped falling. Either that or the reporter was just plain lazy. 2-3″ totals were the norm in and around Lawrence.

  • HeatMiser

    No snow ahead!

  • Freeze Miser

    Oh Heat Miser, just wait….the snow will be back!

  • mukustink

    11 inches of snow here in eastern Jackson County. I figured since most are giving bogus totals I would join in. :)

  • McCabe58

    Glad you all got some good snow yesterday! Was fun playing with the kids in it today!!

  • McCabe58