Happy Mother’s Day

Good Sunday bloggers,

I hope you are all doing well on this Mother’s Day 2013.  The weather pattern has calmed down, but it is still a bit cool.  As I have been around town I am frequently being asked when will it warm up?  One of the people that have asked is my mother.  Well, I have a nice Mother’s day present for her.

A dramatic warm up is about to take place as warm air will be surging east across the Plains.  This will be caused by what we call a “U”.  This “U” shows up in the shape of the isobars and when a location is located at the bottom to middle of the “U” warm ups can get out of control, even warmer than the models say.

Here is a look at the surface map for Tuesday afternoon.  As you can see much of the Plains is in a “U” with our region at the bottom of the shape.  This “U” shape forms when there is a warm front to the east, trough to the west and cold front well northwest.  The surface low is found well to the north.  These “U” shapes can occur at all times of year.  Since it is the middle of May and there will be plenty of sunshine and dry air this will cause all areas to rise well into the 80s.  There will be an area of low to mid 90s as well!  Map #2 shows the forecast highs for Tuesday.


Surface Tuesday

MAP #2: Forecast highs for Tuesday

Highs Tuesday

This is incredible with highs in KC near 90 and areas across Nebraska well into the 90s!  Now this will be the warmest day of the week as the cold front in the Rockies will move in Wednesday increasing our chance for thunderstorms.  We will have more on this Monday.

So, Happy Mother’s Day mom, it is finally going to warm up!

Have a great day!

Jeff Penner

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8 comments to Happy Mother’s Day

  • blue8091

    Nice write up Jeff and very nice to see you writing for the blog again. I hope you have a good day!

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there.

  • Drought Miser

    Tuesday’s setup I believe is just a prelude to another very hot summer pattern developing. Just going by how cool this spring has been a major pattern shift is in order!


    A warmup is nice. Today turned out to be perfect. I could really go for a warm weekend. Need to get te pool water temps up. Hopefully this warm week will help out.

  • Skylar

    To whoever said we’d be going straight from the heater to AC, it’s looking like that prediction was dead on.

  • smiley10

    I think the 7 day forecast graphic is messed up. It says 65 for tomorrow and 75 for Tuesday.

  • Henley

    Prepare for the continuation of the drought