Halloween, Chiefs and Philippe

Good Sunday bloggers.

Today will be warmer than Saturday as we track a warm front moving across the Plains.  Then, we have a cold front moving through tonight which will lead to a cold Chiefs game and Halloween.  There is a small creepy little system to watch for trick or treating as well.  Also, for the fifth anniversary of Super Storm Sandy we are having a poor mans version of the set up as Philippe combines with a mid-latitude storm system. This is not the craziest pattern we have ever seen, but it is a bit odd so let’s go through the next couple of days.

First, what a gorgeous sunrise!


We had another freeze this morning as a warm front moves east across the Plains. While, we were in the 20s and 30s it was 50° in Bismarck, ND with light rain.  That is Plains weather if I ever saw it!


SUNDAY: The warm front will head east pushing our highs to near 60°. Clouds may keep us in the upper 50s, while sun and 70s occur out west and 40s occur over the Great Lakes. The area of light rain will be moving into Iowa and may clip northeast Missouri.


MONDAY MORNING: A cold front will sweep through tonight, but it will be much warmer tomorrow morning with lows in the 40s.  This will be due to the cold air lagging the front and thick clouds which will hold in any warmth.


MONDAY AFTERNOON: This is when we will feel the full effect of the cold front as north winds of 15-25 mph keep temperatures in the upper 40s to near 50° all day.  We should see the sun after 2-3 PM as the band of clouds moves south. We have the Chiefs forecast below.


HALLOWEEN MORNING: It will be clear and cold with another freeze likely as we track a disturbance coming out of the Rockies. The afternoon will see increasing clouds with highs in the 40s.


HALLOWEEN EVENING (TRICK OR TREAT?): The disturbance in the Rockies will be moving into eastern Kansas and western Missouri. There is the chance for a small area of light rain/sleet/snow showers that would be timed for trick or treating.  This data has the small system to the south, but we have to still watch this as it could be a bit bigger and farther north.  This will not create icy roads as temperatures will be above freezing, but still cold 35° to 40° and the potential of wet to damp roads and sidewalks. There is also the chance this little system waits until after trick or treating. So, make sure the kiddos and parents are warm.


HALLOWEEN FORECAST: The chance of precipitation is 20%.  We have light rain, but an ice pellet or snowflake mixed in is possible if this occurs.


BRONCOS VS. CHIEFS (MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL): It will be a cold night, so bundle up.  The wind will decrease during the game which will help a tad.


PHILIPPE UPDATE: Thankfully, Philippe was just a weak tropical storm, but did produce heavy rain and a few tornadoes to Florida. However, Philippe is going to combine with the system that brought us the cold air and snow in Minnesota to give New England a windy and wet storm today into Monday. Winds may gust over 50 mph in the big cities. If you have plans to travel to the northeast, keep this in mind.  The storm will be over Tuesday.


PHILIPPE MONDAY: By Monday afternoon the storm plus Philippe will be in southeast Canada as the weather improves across New England


Have a great week ahead. Go Chiefs and have a happy and safe Halloween.

Jeff Penner


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