Great May Weather!

Good Saturday,

This weekend will be a 180 weather wise from last weekend as we are in for abundant sunshine, light winds and highs well in the 70s.  The next chance of rain arrives Wednesday, so let’s go through the forecast.

This is how the weekend started with an absolutely gorgeous sunrise.



SATURDAY AFTERNOON: It will be very nice with a northeast breeze  as a weak cold front slips in from the north.  It will have a minimal affect with highs ranging from around 70° in Trenton to near 80° in Pleasanton.



SUNDAY MORNING: We will feel the affects of the weak cold front as lows drop to the 40s, which is about 5-10 degrees cooler than Saturday morning.  The weak front from Saturday will become a warm front and move back towards us Sunday.



SUNDAY AFTERNOON: The warm front surges back through and highs will come close to 80°.  This front will have no moisture to work with, so it will be a practically cloudless frontal passage.  Western Kansas will be close to 90° where they had 20″ of snow less than a week ago.  Welcome to the Plains!



OMEGA BLOCK: The reason we are having this nice stretch is due to an “Omega block.”  The jet stream is in the shape of the Greek letter omega.  So, the weather you are having at the start of the block will be the weather you have for days as the jet stream is blocked up and things are changing slowly.  We are in the nice weather part of the block, under the ridge.



TODAY-MONDAY: While we are having great Spring weather, it is cold and wet in New England and cool and showery in the western USA.  Highs will likely reach the 80s Monday into Tuesday.


TUESDAY-THURSDAY: The “Omega Block” rearranges itself as the trough in New England remains, but the trough in the western USA begins to head east into the Plains, being kicked by a new trough entering the west coast.  This will lead to rain chances Wednesday-Thursday.  There is also an upper high in Greenland, really blocking the weather pattern.  This will push a cool air mass south for the end of next week and next weekend,  but not that cold.  The “Omega block” will re-establish itself next weekend leading to 5-7 more dry days.  So, we have one system to watch the next 10-14 days.



NEXT RAIN CHANCES: Our rain chances will increase Wednesday-Thursday as the system from the west part of the current “Omega block” moves into the Plains.  It will be weakening as it approaches, but should bring some rain as it combines with a cold front heading in from the north, the Greenland block.



Have a great weekend.



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