Waiting for our Sunday afternoon cold snap

This morning in KC, temperatures were in the 30s, winds were light, and fog had settled in.  Below is a pic from Downtown looking to the east at patchy fog on the horizon.  A Dense Fog Advisory was in effect at this time.

I didn’t have too many reports of heavy fog this morning.  However, there was one report of fog so thick it reduced visibility to 1/16 of a mile near the JoCo I-35/I-435 interchange.  At 5:30 a.m., the National Service issued the Fog Advisory.  The Fog Advisory had expired for KC at 8:53 a.m.

After a pretty quiet day today in KC, the big story this weekend is the strong cold front that arrives in KC tomorrow morning around 10 am.  Winds will shift from the northwest and pick up quickly.  Temperatures will fall and wind chills will fall even further.

The NAM forecast model above shows the front having had passed KC at 6 p.m and located far south.  Temperatures to the south of the front are in the 70s.  North of the front, below zero temperatures move in over the freshly blizzarded Northern Plains.  At this time in KC, temperatures may begin dipping into the 20s with wind chills beginning to dip into the teens.

By Monday morning, air temperatures in KC will be in the teens with wind chills in the single digits.  Sound like a fun Monday?

As we’ve mentioned, there’s a relatively low chance for rain in the forecast tonight through tomorrow morning.  Mainly just sprinkles or some light brief rain showers.  If you are to get rain, expect only a trace to a few hundreths of an inch, i.e. barely any.

If any precipitation were to fall Sunday midday or afternoon, that’s when it would be cold enough to actually mix with a few snowflakes.  The chance for this isn’t too high, and it would not be enough to impact the roads, nonetheless just a heads up.

The cold air lingers for the first half of the workweek ,with milder air returning for the second half.  The GFS forecast model is showing a storm system moving through the Plains next Friday night into Saturday morning.

Could this storm drop measurable rain over KC?  Or, will it dodge us again?  We’ll be talking about it as we get closer.  Let’s hope.


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21 comments to Waiting for our Sunday afternoon cold snap

  • dogsinkc

    I really believe we just aren’t meant to get snow anymore. First, the whole East coast has been bombarded with snow. Now the West, which is supposed to be dry and mild, looks to have continuous wintry weather.

    What happened to the more active pattern?

  • Kole Christian

    The two winters before last went from 44 inches to 36 inches then last winter was 3.9 so I think we will trend back up to at least 10 inches. Be patient, Missouri can get snow even in May. (don’t bet on that though)

  • The 00Z ECMWK & the 12Z GFS are similar in many regards for the trough,later in the work week…Prec. is becoming more likly,beginning Fri.going into Sat. morning…T-Storms are possible, with that Snow factor looking less likly…I,m putting the chances of prec. at 100%!!! This is KFC, signing off(For a while anyway)….Have a good 1. :)

  • teamster83

    It’s just not meant to happen here. I am already losing interest in the winter season.

  • Emaw

    Just saw a long range forecast (taken with a grain of salt) that shows temps. At or slightly above average through the end of the month, nice! Now if we could just get it to RAIN!

  • RickMckc

    That end of next week storm was showing up as snow in previous GFS runs … now it looks to go further north leaving us in the rain area. However, that’s exactly the scenario that was forecast for THIS weekend that has resulted in zero (first prediction snow, then rain, then nothing).

    I wonder if climatology is affecting the model forecast after about 5 days (leading it to predict snow at first). Is that possible, George?

    • RickMcKc,
      Climatology mainly impacts statistical forecasting products like MOS (Model Output Statistics)…which use the current meteorological setup and compare it to the results of historically similar setups – using those results to hedge forecasts.

  • JohnNCWX

    Thats a nice shot of the Sprint Center. Speaking of which, any word on whether KC will try to snag the SAC KINGS franchise that seems all but destined to be moving? I remember there being interest a couple years ago. I think KC could support an NBA team again, and the Kings moniker fits.

    Its early December, people need to relax with regard to winter weather…its almost as if they don’t remember how snowy it has been 2 of the 3 past years. Such short attention spans…

  • McCabe58

    John I don’t think the owner of the sprint center has any interest on an nba team coming here. I saw a story on the news here on nbcactionnews with jack talking to the owner about it. He seems to be more interested in a hockey team

  • JohnNCWX

    Thanks McCabe, I’m sure the lockout and declining revenues in the NHL make that a pipedream/nightmare

  • Theo

    John, that’s 2 pipe dreams.

    1. We’re in a severe drought. It’s not going to be wintry here this winter. Just deal with it. The 2 above average snow winters we had were anomalies. It won’t happen again any time soon and certainly not this year.

    2. Sprint Center mgmt isn’t looking for a tenant. They’re making plenty of money now. Especially not an NBA franchise. Kc can’t support it anyway. Why bring another professional loser here? We already have 2 horrible franchises.

    • JohnNCWX

      We’ll see about #1 Theo

      As far as #2,why would the Sprint Center brass not be looking for a tenant? Roughly 10 days worth of college basketball in the spring is all they have going for it right now, other than that its the occasional taylor swift or bon jovi show…short story long the arena is being vastly underutilized. They have fewer than two dozen total bookings scheduled over the next 13 months. That includes march madness and Big12 tourney.

  • I LOVE THE SCENARIO THAT’S SETTING UP FOR THIS WEEKEND……..All you pesta-mucks…..PSSSSS…..T-Storms RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • McCabe58

    No storm chasing… Probably not even thunderstorms

  • Skylar

    Been raining pretty steadily since about 8:00, though the radar isn’t showing much of anything right now. Kinda nice to hear that sound again!

  • JohnNCWX

    The first signs of the pattern change is happening here in NC, we are finally getting moisture return! Its been a dry stretch for us here as well, down 9″ for the year. It was even too dry for fog for much of november. Atleast it was cold in November, this warm and dry mess has to stop!