Temperatures go up and down with very little chance for precipitation

Good morning bloggers.

We felt the chill this morning.  Our overnight low temperature at KCI was 18°.  That makes this morning the coldest so far of the season.  Below is a map of the overnight lows by city.

This time of year, it’s hard to recover from morning temperatures this cold.  As a result, our high temperatures this afternoon are only expected to warm into the mid-upper 4os.  It may sound chilly, but it is an impressive warm up – nearly 30° from the morning to the afternoon.  That’s especially impressive considering how short our days are this time of year and high clouds in the sky today.

Tomorrow is looking a little warmer yet, despite the passing of a cold front in the morning.
After the front passes, a light north breeze and full sunshine would yield a very pleasant November day.  Highs are expected to be in the mid-upper 50s.

The north breeze will continue to advect colder air into Kansas City and Monday and Tuesday show the resulting drop in temperatures.  

So what about precipitation?  

Sunday night, an area of snow spreads into Nebraska from the northwest.  By Monday morning, that snow may be able to stretch as far east as Omaha.  However, it looks like it’ll fall short of our viewing area.  It’s unlikley that it would even make it to our northern communities like Maryville.  So for Monday, we get clouds and colder, but a very little chance for any precipitation.

South winds return for the middle of the week…and so does more mild weather.

I’ll be watching the band of forecast snow for Nebraska and update you with any changes to the 7-day forecast.  See you tonight at 5pm.  Have a safe and happy Small Business Saturday!


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2 comments to Temperatures go up and down with very little chance for precipitation

  • hobart

    Practically every time there’s a chance of precip several days out, it disappears from the forecast the closer that day gets. Whatever happened to “When in drought, leave it out.”?
    Stop getting our hopes up. We’ll stuck in this miserable drought for a long time.

  • Emaw

    If anybody wants to see snow. . . Turn your t.v. on to the Ohio St. – Michigan game, there are flurries falling in Columbus. Or you could wait until Monday and drive up to Nebraska. . . . .