Calm in KC, another storm for the east coast?

Good morning!

I hope you’re doing well today.  The cool weather will, unsurprisingly, cooperate with any outdoor plans that you may have.  Raking?  Shopping?  A brisk bike ride? 

But before you go out and enjoy the day…why not try your hand at Weekend Weather Trivia?  In honor of Tuesday’s election, it has a political twist!

If you have a good memory, or know someone that does, try to answer this question:
1. Go to kshb.com
2. Click on “Play to win George’s Weekend Weather Trivia NOW!” (twice)
3. Scroll down and enter your educated guess. 
You have until midnight tonight.  Tomorrow morning at 8:45, a winner will be selected for 4 tickets to Aerosmith/Cheap Trick at the Sprint Center Nov. 14.

 Normally a dry Saturday and Sunday gets people excited, but now many are not thrilled about “another dry weekend in KC.”  The reason: we’re nearly 16 inches of rain short for the year and parts of the area face an extreme drought.  The highest level, or “exceptional,” drought continues to plague areas just west of here – Western Kansas, along with Western Oklahoma and much of Nebraska.

There’s been no shortage of temperature ups and downs lately…and more are coming.

Aside from a small chance for a little light rain Monday…the next 7 days are dry, dry again.  70s late next week, however, will feel good.  We’ll then be waiting for a storm system that’s been showing up on long range computer models for next weekend…and we’ll have more on that in the days to come.

A bit about Monday’s rain chances:

They’re not looking to good.  The above computer model forecasts us to get glazed by a little light rain early Monday morning…with a continued small chance in the afternoon.  If we were to get rain…signs indicate a trace to 0.1″ inches!  That might wet the ground!  This morning’s NAM model showed the rain missing us to the northeast all together.  Latest GFS computer model shows 0.0″-0.2″ early Monday morning.  I’ll look at the new data the comes out and have an update at 5pm.

That little disturbance intensifies as it tracks through the troughing flow toward the east coast.

…And believe it or not, some computer forecasting models have this guy producing a nor’easter mid-late next week.  Timing and location are uncertain, but this could create another coastal flooding, heavy rain, strong wind, even some snow for mid-Atlantic and Northeast.  If this did materialize, its intensity would be much lower than Sandy’s…but still could be significant.  Additional coastal flood warnings at this point would be possible, but not terribly likely, since the storm would likely pass during low tides.  Will watch along with you…

Meanwhile, that oh-so-familiar warming trend returns to help push KC toward 70 for the end of the week.

Have a good weekend.


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10 comments to Calm in KC, another storm for the east coast?

  • sedsinkc

    Latest GFS certainly comes more in line with what the Euro has been suggesting for at least a couple of days, i.e., a moderately strong nor’easter hugging the northeast US coast by Wednesday. Fortunately only progging surface center pressure of 984 to 988 millibars at the time storm’s center is near eastern Long Island, and tides will be in their weakest phase with the quarter moon. Still, looks like some cold, wet and windy weather in the Sandy-stricken region next Wed-Thurs.

  • stl78

    I continue to have trouble accessing the blog! Anyone else having this problem?

  • dogncatmom

    Yes stl78 I am having all sorts of problems getting on here.

  • Bill Smith

    Could you describe what the issues have been accessing the blog? It will help us troubleshoot the problem. Thanks.

    Bill Smith

    • blue8091

      Hi Bill – I’ve been having noticeable problems for the past week or so. Using IE8. Via favs, I try a couple of times to connect directly to the blog and it won’t let me access the page. I have to go out to the 41 news site – and come thru via the weather page menu at the top. Once I come in that way, it lets me access the blog page via favs again.

  • NorthlandKB


    A certain cable TV weather station is advertising in their 10-day forecast the possibility of wintry precipitation for us on 11/12. Does this fall in line with the storm system you mentioned in today’s blog?

    Thanks for all you do!

  • stl78

    Bill, it says website is down or has moved

  • stl78

    Bill….thanks for all u do! Without your help this blog is non existent

  • dogncatmom

    Bill, for me there is no longer a link on the right side of the weather page. I have to access the blog from up above and half the time I click on the word “blog” and the blog never comes up. It just times out.