All eyes on Sandy

Enjoying this nice and cool weekend?  This weather will continue on for days, with a gradual warm up to near 70 by Friday.

While we are calm and cool in KC, all eyes are on Hurricane Sandy.  As of 8 am the storm was roughly 260 miles from Cape Hatteras, NC. and tracking to the northeast at 10 mph.  We’re waiting for that fateful hook westward-back toward NJ, NYC, DC on Monday.  Below were the surface observations this morning.

The dark grey line roughly shows the outer limits of strong wind gusts at or above 20mph.  Notice the Hatteras observation of a 44mph wind gust (HSE).  Those are tropical storm force winds 260 miles from the storm center.  Even though Sandy was a weak category one storm at this time, its windfield footprint is huge.  The 20+ mile per hour wind gust field extends from Massachusetts to the Carolinas.

Today’s trajectory continues to follow the “normal” northeastward path with the storm beginning to make the strange left hook tonight.  The forecast cone continues to show the range of possibile landfalls from the Maryland coast through Long Island Monday overnight through early Tuesday morning.

A cornucopia of warnings are posted for the mid-Atlantic – Northeast below:

The high wind warning (yellow) spans a swath from NE George to Maine…over 1000 miles…and signifies areas that may see winds gusts as high as 60-80  mph.  The strongest of these wind readings would be both at higher elevations and near the coast.
The Hurricane Force Wind Warning (pink) is posted for Long Island and Cape Cod.
Flood Watches are shown in Green, but are covered by some of the other warnings.  They extend from Vermont-Pennsylvania-North Carolina.
The tropical storm warning only covers a relatively small area along the Coastal Carolinas for a couple reasons:
-The storm will be transitioning from “tropical” to “extratropical” Monday, so different types of warnings are being used farther north.
-Hurricane and Tropical Storm Warnings exist offshore and are not noted by this map.

At 5pm our producer is going to try to get a live shot from our Baltimore Station, so check in for an update.

Finally, weather trivia yesterday.  The question was: When was our last Halloween snow?

2002.  Remember this?  It was just a trace, but enough to make that Halloween that much scarier.  Terri Stamper remembered and she wins the tickets to Batman Live.  Next weekend we give away tickets to for Aerosmith.

Have a great Sunday.


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11 comments to All eyes on Sandy

  • greek

    Second verse same as the first. Looks like our new weather pattern is nothing but more dry, dry, dry. No rain anywhere on the horizon, and it’s just a couple days until November. We’re screwed.

  • Henley

    Is the first snow contest going on this year? I haven’t heard anything about it?

  • mukustink

    Yes the snowflake contest is alive and well. Look on the contest page.

    Brad and Kevin where are you? Has the KFC gone belly up? Did Brad’s mom catch both of you on naughty sites and took away both of your computers? The east coast is under threat and they have lit the weatherman brad spotlight and no answer. Don’t let them perish brad!

    • The KFC is alive, and well… I,ve been out retrieving my wx. instruments that were launched over the last few days…I, like most of you fellow bloggers, have been wondering the same about Brad…,My idea of tethering the instruments to Balloons, and Homing Pigeons was not such a good one… I,m learning from my mistakes… I will be off the blog ,the rest of the afternoon… I,m serving “Squab”(Pigeon meat) for supper tonight… Have a good 1 tonight,,, I know I will. :)

  • blueskies

    I bet that Kevin is actually Brad’s roommate at KU. They probably share a dorm room on the KU Edwards campus.

  • OlatheMatt

    GFS has pressure of Sandy at 947mb on Monday evening coming right into NJ/NY. A beast!

  • trinlivco

    Gary, When is this boring pattern going to end? Another weather site has are weather really getting active by next week-end Nov 4 &5. Then really getting active by Middle of Nov. What is your crystal ball saying? I hope the same thing. I hate this weather pattern and dry weather. TR

  • The real question I have is whether or not the drone over Benghazi was armed or not?

    I hope the republicans on the east coast actually do their absentee ballots before a plane crash causes them to be lost in the storm.

    Anyway. Looks like rain on the East Coast and I hope the political madness on both sides spins slower than an F1 in the next week.