Friday rain showers…then a warm-up

Good morning, It’s FRIDAY!

A band of rain moved through overnight and there will be a few more bands of showers, and possibly a thunderstorm later today into tonight. A weak storm system will move off to the east Saturday allowing for a nice end of the weekend warm-up.  By Monday we will be making a surge in the 80 degree direction. And, it’s about time:


Kalee Dionne, our new weather team member, debuts this weekend. We have been in intense training the past few days and she is learning how to use all of our technology in the 41 Action News Forecast Center.  Let’s give her our support and watch this weekend. She will also make her debut on the 10 AM Kansas City Live show around 10:10 AM.


Have a great day and weekend.  Thank you for spending a few  minutes reading the Action Weather Blog!


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43 comments to Friday rain showers…then a warm-up

  • mgsports

    Hiring another Weather person but we all would have to guess for what Newscast but back to Weather we need warm area to stay.

  • R-Dub

    Let’s cut to the important stuff: will the Royals be able to play tonight? Last thing this team needs is another rainout.

  • Drought Miser

    Welcome aboard Kalee!! Nice bright smile bring us some nice sunshine warmer weather!

  • Henley

    Who cares, let’s talk about snow. Is it going to snow again? when? when will it start snowing next fall? Snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow snow

  • frigate

    My memory, I know is not great…but seems like I was a kid, the last time we had a spring that by May 1st the tree’s were not leaved out yet??? Certainly wouldn’t surprise me, if we had snow and another frost or freeze or two even towards the end of May.

  • smiley10

    About what time can we expect rain later today?

    • There will likely be a few showers here and there most of the day. The more organized areas of rain and likely thunderstorms will arrive later this afternoon and evening, between 5 PM and 10 PM. It could impact the Royals game.

  • mukustink

    Is Kaylee a meterologist? I noticed you said weather team memebr and not a meterologist.

    Gary all the TV’s and computers in the “weather center” are really just for show right? By that I mean it gives the viewer the sense that you have a lot of “technology” when you could really do it on just a single computer.

    Have a good weekend and enjoy the wedding.

    • kcpurpledog


      • Theo

        Funny what happens when you look in the mirror puplehog.

        • kcpurpledog

          That was so funny I forgot to laugh the o. Funny how you are always standing up for the same people. You must be brothers. Either way, you’re both morons.

    • tushchaser1

      Good to see “MUKUSTINK” has made it back from the banned list, although he was never really banned, since he is also “WEATHER.”

      • weather

        Well dushaser when I log in VIA Facebook it gave me weather. I didn’t chose the name weather. If you actualy knew what you were talking about it would be amazing. Go back to your basement and tell mom to bring you some meatloaf.

        purplehog see above.

        • tushchaser1

          Why don’t you tell your wife to drive over to my house to get her clothes she left. I am tired of picking up her stuff. Maybe you can drive her over in your yellow camaro.

    • luvsno

      Kalee…not KaYlee. And she IS a Meteorologist..go read her Bio

  • Greenstein

    Extremely windy conditions in south Overland Park at 159th and Antioch. Some signs of the sun peeking through, but overall still pretty cloudy and cool with temps around 51 degrees. Hoping it gets a little warmer this afternoon, but also wouldn’t mind another wave of rain showers as I just had fertilizer put down this morning.

    Have a great weekend.

  • frigate

    Looks like a growing area of steady rain in southern KS and MO. At the moment…radar really isn’t showing anything coming our way, so I’m wondering if the forcast will change?

  • MikeT1

    good luck kaylee! look forward to your blog posts. your predecesors did a fine job here. just remember not everyone on here is mean-spirited or a snow freak. :-) – mike t.

    • Theo

      Just the purplehog, Dobber and Mikey, that’s about it.

      • RickMckc

        Didn’t you mention a mirror a few posts back?

      • kcpurpledog

        I’m only mean to the idiots on here that do nothing but attempt to cause trouble. I’ve never said a bad word to anyone except you and a few others who always cut people down and hide behind questioning things, or bringing up “valid” alternate points. That would be fine except for the way that you usually do that, with a mean spirited intent (which is usually hard to decipher when written, but you make it easy) to demean people and just be a troll.

        • Dude why are you so mad? I think the questions raised were valid. Why are you filled with so much hatred? Did you come from a divorced home?

    • luvsno

      Kalee….not KaYlee

  • Emaw

    April is almost over, when does the “Superstorm Sandy” part of the pattern return? Did I miss it ?

  • stl78

    Emaw. You don’t by chance drive a silver f150 do u?

  • Emaw

    Stl78, no I don’t.

  • Gary great job on the forecast for today. What is your forecast for the big holiday weekend coming up in May?

  • stl78

    Lol..ok. I thought I saw a truck from a far with emaw personalized plates. I just got back from winona mn earlier today where it was 65 n sunny! Just not right

    • Will we beat the Blackhawks tomorrow night in order to be home for the first round of the playoffs? I hope so we are going to the game tomorrow night. GO BLUES!


    Interesting tstorms starting up in southwest Ks any chance those make it up here this evening or early morning?

  • Emaw

    I know, we are one of the coldest spots in the country right now, kinda sucks! The consistent moisture is welcome though, I’m up to .25″ in north Olathe with steady soaking rain right now. Royals game tonight might be a washout .

  • stl78

    Edward. Bring home a winner! That 4 seed sure would be helpful. The Blues are playing well it the right time. Go BLUUUUUUUUUUESSSSSS!

  • Emaw

    It’s 63 degrees and sunny right now in International Falls, MN . WTF !

  • HeatMiser

    Do the models still show snow for us for May as mentioned in the last blog?

  • stl78

    Emaw. I’m headed back on sunday. Hopefully everyone will see true spring temps. Even up there they r ralking about how late spring is

  • Skylar

    This looks exactly like Hurricane Isaac, except with a lot less moisture. Higher rainfall totals are all off to the south, but a band of rain has stalled right over the city for hours giving us a small bullseye.

  • kellyinkc

    so much for mowing this morning. another half inch and still raining.

  • smiley10

    What happened to the nice evening today you were predicting in the 60s with sun and no wind? Now its going to be chilly and cloudy. I’m waiting for you guys to take the 80s out of the forecast with an evil laugh…