Friday Cold Front

Good morning bloggers, It’s FRIDAY!

Saturday update:  We will write up a new blog later today. Here is a link to the  Weather2020 blog

A cold front is approaching from the northwest. It is the leading edge of a pretty cold air mass that will be arriving this afternoon.

The colder air is lagging the front.  So, Saturday will be the day we feel the affects of this new and large cold air mass.  Behind the cold front in central Kansas you can see a pocket of gusty northwest winds.  So, when the front comes through 2-3 PM, you will notice a temporary gust of wind with the colder air moving in tonight.


Saturday will see the colder air filter in as a weak storm system tracks out of the Rockies.  So, tomorrow will be a cloudy day with areas of snow in Nebraska.  These snow areas will head east into eastern Kansas and western Missouri Saturday night, but they will likely dissipate as they head east.  So, tomorrow night we may see flurries and a few snow showers (See Map Below).  Sunday will also be a cold day as a large Canadian high pressure builds in from the north and takes over much of the USA.  Temperatures in many locations will run 10 to 20 degrees below average.  Our average high is getting close to 60, so yes our highs will be in the low to mid 40s this weekend, (See Map Below)





Then, if that was not enough a new blast of cold will come in early next week to replace the weekend cold air mass.  This new cold will be preceded by a small storm system that will spread snow across Iowa and Nebraska.  The southern edge may affect our area Monday afternoon and night with some light snow.




So, when will the 50s, 60s and 70s return?  The end of next week.  It may be Spring, but Winter does not want to leave!

Have a great weekend.

Gary and Jeff

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37 comments to Friday Cold Front

  • mowermike

    Need Monday’s wave to dig a bit more and we could have some interesting weather Monday into Monday night….

  • Hume-Dude

    That’s our problem this year and past several , the storms do everything in their power to avoid us. If there is one scenario out of ten where we get missed, I’ll put my money on that. Look at latest powercast solution for instance. Precip to the north, and the south , guess who gets nothing? Us, like usual. I am getting sick of being a pessimist , but I have to call them like I see them. Still looking for good terms to coin for our “storm avoidance” plaguing the region. If you have a better theory I’d love to listen to it!

  • terrydsnowy

    I seen on anything station they have a 50% chance of snow Monday time frame.

    • luvsno

      “Anything station” ?? :)

    • batman

      Say what? The snow is done for this season! I have said for weeks there will be no more snow of any significance. Some said 3 more plowable snows, well that’s not going to happen is it?

      It’s time for tornados,hail, and severe storms with 100 mph winds and micro bursts. Bring it on mother nature! Let’s see some big F4-F5 tornados here as long as no one is killed!

  • Hume-Dude

    F-4′s and F-5′s are terribly destructive and those are the monsters that consume entire towns…..lets NOT hope for any of those, anywhere. Compromise, how about a nice little F-1 out in a bean field somewhere in middle of nowhere? I am def. ready for some nice convective T-storm action myself , awesome watching little cumulus build into cumulous congestus , meta-morphing into Cumulonimbus Calvus , Finally into Mature Cumulonimbus. One of natures best shows….

  • gardnerks79

    Is the drought still projected to end this spring? I remember Gary saying that when he revealed his winter forecast. It’s not looking promising. Does the same pattern we’ve been having continue and does that mean more dry with cold blasts and the occasional storm?

    • garnderks79,

      The pattern is no doubt dry now, but the northwest flow part of the pattern that is dry during the winter and early Spring may start to produce as the Spring wears on. So, we will have to see if this happens. If this does not occur, the pattern should not be dry enough to cause a new drought.


      • luvsno

        Jeff….We are in a deficit right now. If it does not occur…per the LRC promise….then we WILL be in a drought. Still are imo….3 yrs now. So maybe some parts of metro are not, but in JoCo KS we are.

        • Jerry

          Much of the viewing area is still in a drought…one that worsened over the last 2 weeks, per the drought monitor: “http://droughtmonitor.unl.edu/”

      • f00dl3

        If the jet stream lifts north, doesn’t that make the storm track lift north?

        If pure northwest flow continues all year long, we have moderate to snowy and cold winters, and hot and dry summers as the anticyclone builds in from the desert southwest. California.

    • greek

      You’ll never get an answer.

  • luvsno

    the drought that’s not a drought but is a drought

  • luvsno

    In a dought ! The whole metro. Jeff said we are dry. Play on words.
    As of March 21st


    • Joe

      luvsno…abnormally dry is not a drought. Only a small percent of missouri is actually considered in a drought ( 8%) the other 92% is either dry or normal. Last I checked, that means the majority of the state is NOT in a drought. Kansas is in a drought

      • luvsno

        Joe…..the last time I checked my address I am in Kansas….in a drought !

        • Joe

          gotcha..well, yep, your in a drought. Hopefully, we get out of the dry cycle soon and get some much needed moisture

          • HeatMiser

            Actually, western and central ks is in drought. Eastern KS isn’t, i.e. Lawrence.

          • Drought Miser

            We’re in about year 5 of a ten year drought cycle no big deal for us here in town that’s why KC is located in the middle of a river bed but for are farmer friends it could be devastating I fear for them.

  • luvsno

    Weather2020 has an update as of today by Gary……but nothing here ? Guess Michelle does not do the blog.

  • petewilson1

    Drought is here and will be here all year long. The LRC is not a valid tool.

  • batman

    Will they ever admit to a drought? Gary said per the LRC that this would be a wet spring and there was no chance of a drought. Time will tell but it’s not looking good! The 2020 blog is nothing but a one sided propaganda tool to drum up business for the LRC business. Yes I woke up on the crabby side of the bed. The wife had a headache,

  • f00dl3

    Interesting little stat thing:

    Liquid precip between dates for “57 day LRC cycles”:

    Note how the “awesome new LRC patterns” that set up during the fall/winter do not help at all when predicting the following spring/summer weather. For instance, the wettest fall/winter was that of 2011-12, but almost none of that was in the form of snow, and the summer of 2012 was that very hot and dry summer where we hit 100 a gazillion times and peaked at 107 (though my ‘unofficial’ thermometer at home read 116 on the hottest day in Lenexa.)

    The summer of 2012-13 was relatively normal precip-wise, and the summer only hit 100 one time, while we had those back-to-back foot snowstorms, the winter was relatively dry compared to the snowless winter.

    2014-01-24 to 2014-03-22 –> 2.60″
    2013-01-24 to 2013-03-22 –> 4.23″
    2012-01-24 to 2012-03-22 –> 6.51″

    2013-11-28 to 2014-01-24 –> 1.26″
    2012-11-28 to 2013-01-24 –> 1.72″ (Wetter)
    2011-11-28 to 2012-01-24 –> 3.20″

    2013-10-02 to 2013-11-28 –> 6.23″ (Wettest)
    2012-10-02 to 2012-11-28 –> 2.44″ (Dry)
    2011-10-02 to 2011-11-28 –> 5.12″

  • Hockeynut69

    Very little snow for KC metro on Monday. At best we get .20″ of precipitation and it will be liquid form. Once again it will set up after it passes metro. Wake me up when real precipitation comes.

  • craigmac

    Will it rain please? Way too dry.

  • luvsno

    At the top of this blog….
    “Saturday update: We will write up a new blog later today. Here is a link to the Weather2020 blog”

    Soo…..is this later today ? Guess not.
    We are being shuffled back to the 2020 blog….not doing that.
    Had a feeling when we got shuffled back here from 2020 that this would happen.
    No weekend blogs, and Gary has his hands full developing the LRC site. So this blog will be a M-F blog. Get used to it

  • Drought Miser

    Awesome cool crisp almost fall like day today it could stay just like this all summer long save for a few days a month that would have heat and humidity enough to support a few light Me so scale T storm’s will suite me just fine

  • HeatMiser

    Well, later today is almost later tonight. He should do what he says he is going to do, or not say it at all. Common Gary, updating latar today from first thing this morning shouldn’t be this late…it’s aftar five dude.

    • Drought Miser

      Models are going crazy right now they have to figure in spring high angle sunlight, gulf moisture, possible snow cover, low clouds that may develop, and the pollen in the air also aids in cloud development(every single rain drop has to have some type of dust particle or pollen to become a raindrop). :)

  • Hockeynut69

    Your Saturday afternoon update: It is chilly, wind blowing from North. Next few days will be below average temps, below average in precipitation as predicted 57 days ago by the LRC. A complex and unique system will arrive Monday with a cold blast. We will keep our eyes on that system because it is too early to tell the exact path and timing the system will take. We need to see a few more model runs before we make a forecast. Did I forget to mention the Weather2020 Blog? We will write more in a few hours or a day or two. Thanks for checking in.

  • Drought Miser

    Imagine if you can a forecast made entirely of what us arm chair meteorologist ‘ s post on this blog, no one would ever leave their own house or use another drop of water without saving ten, spf sunscreen 5000 would be common place, lead shoes so we don’t get blown off the earth would be a necessity, chaos pure chaos!

    • luvsno

      You too Drought…good one :) :)

      Now outta here to enjoy a movie On Demand ! Have a good night everyone….see you when the snow starts flying :)

  • dpollard

    The forecasted high temps by the NWS are beginning to increase like crazy…36, 37, 39 and now 47? Has to be a midnight high because no way we get snow if it is 47 during the day. We will probably not see a flake or drop and it will be like 52. I will be ready for a new pattern set up. This has not been one of my favorites.