Freeze Warning Tonight….Rain with some snow today!

Good morning bloggers,

FREEZE WARNING TONIGHT!  We are forecasting a hard freeze with temperatures dropping into the middle 20s by morning. It is already snowing and down to 32° in Manhattan Kansas at 6 AM this morning.  Moderate to some heavy rain has been falling early this morning as the cold air blasts in from the north. The rain/snow line is approaching and we will likely see a few snowflakes today.   In our 130 year history Kansas City has only had three accumulations after the 21st of April:


It looks like we will fall short of any significant accumulation today.  It has been snowing in Wichita, Salina, and Manhattan early today, with accumulations between Manhattan and Salina. We will be tracking this band of rain and snow as it moves across the viewing area this morning.  The snow increased by 8 AM and now is accumulating just northwest of Kansas City. We are on the edge, but 1 to 2 inches will likely fall to our north.

Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day reading the Action Weather Blog. Let us know if you have any questions or comments.

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35 comments to Freeze Warning Tonight….Rain with some snow today!

  • Drought Miser

    Bummer if it’s going to be cold it may as well snow enough to put this cold spring in the record books!

  • frigate

    Breaking news flash, Spring surrenders, and is waving the white flag to Winter. Spring promises to try again next year!

  • stjoeattorney

    roofs white cars white ground getting white 32.8 degrees hvy snow…..8:22 am

  • SW corner of Lawrence checking in.

    We are at 33.8, the rain has mostly changed to snow. Rooftops and bare ground areas are now turning white.

    Rainfall so far has been .52″.

  • Our residential streets and driveways have now also turned white.

    Temp has fallen to 33.4.

  • stjoeattorney

    grass now getting covered, roofs white cars white ground getting white sidewals slushy 32.7 degrees hvy snow…..8:36 am

  • Alex Pickman

    Everything turning white here in St. Joe. Snow coming down pretty steadily, and we are very close to that 0.5″ mark. Im thinking we get to 1.5″ this morning. What an end to Winter!!!

  • MikeL

    In SW Topeka we have snow and 31.6. It is now sticking on the side streets and sidewalks and is covering roofs and cars. I have .5″ on my deck. Where are you Spring?

  • mmack66

    Currently just a cold drizzle only in Riverside.

  • Alex Pickman

    Snowing quite heavily now too with large snowflakes. Over 0.5″ here in St. Joe! Wow!

  • stjoeattorney

    grass HALF COVERED, roofs white cars white over half inch ground is white sidewalks white, tress whie 32.7 degrees hvy snow…..8:55 am, off to court will report when i get back.

  • Drought Miser

    Sleet pellets on the plaza 34dees grease LOL

  • mowermike

    Complete changeover to sleet and snow at my office in NKC. over .50 of rain so far. Looks like it may snow pretty good up near KCI in the next hour or so looking at radar. YUCK!!

  • fastracing

    Had about 15 minutes of sleet in KCK.


    Sleet in Platte City. Sticking to grassy areas and cars.

  • yewtrees

    The rain event is about to be over within the KC area.

  • GreenwoodMO22

    .58″ of all rain here. Looks to be done.


    very light sprinkles only near College and Renner area

  • networx

    What are the odds this is the last hard freeze of the winter?

    • The next two nights will be near or below freezing. After Thursday morning that’s it. No more freezes and spring will finally begin, over a month late!


  • stjoeattorney

    Grass almost covered, roofs white, cars white, just over an inch on north facing sidewalks too. Smaller flakes now, but it will be melted by 4-6 pm, my guess.

    Obs at 11:00am.

  • Skylar

    No disappointment that the snow missed just to the north. It’s sad how close to May this weather is lasting.

  • Drought Miser

    Cool hope it breaks the record…. I saw a report of 7.5 inches out around Goodland Ks. Any chance of that here?


    here in north central kansas
    at 9:00 am snowing 28 degrees a good 3″ on the ground
    roadways very slick – thin layer ice under the snow
    now at 12:30 snow almost all gone 32 degrees
    WHAT A BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WeatherFreak87

    The current temperature of 34 degrees at 4 PM is only 2 DEGREES higher than the record low for this date of 32… set 120 YEARS ago in 1893. The normal LOW for today is 46. Our afternoon HIGH is 14 degrees lower than our normal LOW!! This is definitely some unprecedented weather!!

  • goodlifegardens

    Garden City/Creighton .75″ overnight .15 during the day for a total of .9″ so far. Will have to bring the gauge in if it’s going to freeze.

  • Emaw

    .50″ in north Olathe , never saw a flake.

  • Theo

    Snowed 3 inches 4 miles NW of Liberty, because Mike said it would. Always good to have a perpetual vort max.


    Had a pretty decent snow sleet mix for about 2 hours today in Platte City. Enough stuck on grass and cars and roofs to make them white. Roads had the sleet on them for a short period due to the intensity. Currently everything has melted except for some roof lines. .61 total moisture from this. Now hoping it doesn’t get too cold tonight

  • JohnM

    “The next two nights will be near or below freezing. After Thursday morning that’s it. No more freezes and spring will finally begin, over a month late!” Do you swear this is correct, Mister L? :-)