Foggy Start

Morning Bloggers!

Keeping this short  this morning, but there will be an afternoon update.  There is quite a bit of fog out there this morning as our temperatures reached our dewpoint and the ground is very saturated.  Here is a live look outside just before 8 AM:


This is our camera that is facing Kauffman Stadium, but you can’t see it because of how think the fog is out there.


The visibility is now down below a half mile at Kansas City International Airport and many other spots.  Leave early to head out because traffic is slow.

Kalee Dionne

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28 comments to Foggy Start

  • j-ox

    It is more foggy now – than when I got up at 7am.

  • sedsinkc

    Wow, received another 0.86″ of rain from last night’s storms in KC North. The nearest StormWatch gauge, < 1/2 mile to the east, reads 0.83", which makes me feel better that my reading is accurate. Total since Friday now at 3.07".

  • mowermike


    Yep, you had a stationary thunderstorm(or a training one) right over your house last night. It missed me just barely. Good thing, because I’m socking wet up here. It turned out to be a wet summer compared to average and that’s good heading into fall. No 100 degree days just like you said. The green landscape likely saved you the last few weeks as we came close during that warm stretch.
    I predicted a wet,cool, green August. Some came on said it was “dead wrong”, “it busted hard” I couldn’t figure out why they said that.

    Since April 1st we have officially recorded 22.63 inches of rain. Average is 22.53 from April 1st to Sept. 1st. So, we have been around average for the last 5 months.

    Best of all, the drought headlines have shrunk since the start of spring for the whole area. The NWS actually predicted that the dry conditions would fade over the spring and summer months when they posted their drought outlook back in mid-April. That was a good prediction.

    Now, September looks to stay wet. This is one of our wettest months annually, so 4-6 inches of rain isn’t all that unusual. I think we average around 4.5 inches.

    Latest GFS keeps it wet.(6z run)


    Chiefs win by 14 this weekend. After that,,,,oh boy!! I sure hope we don’t get beat by a Dexter run back and a Succup field goal, they now both play for the Titans.

    • Hume-Dude

      Mike – no offense, but your description of August as wet, cool, green did bust hard in my neck of the woods( Shawnee KS and southwards). Not trying to be a hater, just didn’t pan out that way in my area. It was not cool, we had hottest stretch of the year. Unless you were well to the north, it was not wet. My yard in Shawnee was brown and dormant until our last rain at months end ( was that rain in August total or Sept?) I only had to mow twice all month. It was like that all the way south to Vernon County, where my pastures were in a bad shape before our last rains. We had one GIANT rain in early August that basically held us over until the last day of the month, particularly for areas down to the south. SO when you add it up, yes, we had well over the average AT KCI, yes I acknowledge that is where our official measurements take place although we all agree it is not great indicator of KC metro proper, so technically you had aspects of your forecast that were right but also wrong in grand scheme of things. KCI got a few nice rains we never saw one drop from south of I-70. At end of the day, your forecast was not horrible and did come close, but to act as if it was spot on is a stretch in my opinion.

      Now, looking towards to Sept. ,I agree, it does look wetter on last GFS runs. I am hopeful we can get a more active LRC pattern going into the fall, we weather enthusiasts have suffered greatly with the boring weather patterns last couple years. Keep the forecasts coming Mike, I do enjoy your forecasts. You are well weather educated and I appreciate your take on things, mostly because you are optimistic about rain most of the time and I love that.

      • sedsinkc

        Mike and Hume-Dude, both of your lengthy posts are very good, full of information. At my house, despite over 3 inches of rain in 4 days, I know my soil isn’t extremely wet yet because there’s no water in my basement, lol. Still, I think it must be getting close to saturation. I’m with you Mike, I don’t need any rain tonight. I am ok with the next rain holding off until Friday.

      • mowermike


        Glad to hear about the 4.1 inches of rain. I was watching radar last night and thought for sure you had to be getting dumped on.

        Thanks for your response. Many other locations saw just as much rain as KCI. I’m not hanging just on that. As you know I have rain gauges all over the city, all were above average for the month. I guess I judge green off of the fact that all 5 of my mow crews had 0 skipped accounts this month. Plus, our service calls for August on irrigation were way down. The first 3 weeks of the month we were 3.1 degrees below average and had 2-4 inches of rain. Yes, not all areas were equally wet and yes, from Downtown northward we have been wetter than down south.

        I guess you can ask your self this, were we closer to cooler and wet or we closer to hot and dry? Don’t forget the first 19 days of the month, we were close to 3 degrees below average.

        Anywho, thanks for your respectful response. Well done.

        Go Royals…….and soon CHIEFS!!

    • j-ox

      It’s a local/regional thing, as usual.
      June’s & August’s surplus was needed to make up for May’s and July’s deficits. We’re still 3″+ down for the year in Lawrence.
      Yes. Not expecting or even wanting to make up for a 30″+ deficit for ’12 + ’13…………..just wanting to end on an avg yearly total by Dec 31.
      Go Royals!! Go Chiefs!!

  • f00dl3

    Kalee, what are you seeing that makes it look like heavy thunderstorms tonight? I’m looking at the NAM/HRRR/GFS and none of the models indicate anything making it past Lawrence.

    • luvsno

      Kalee says nothing in her post above about heavy thunderstorms tonight. Did she mention it on air this morning ?
      What is the latest info ?

  • mowermike


    That headline was left over from last night when Gary posted it. Yes, the data doesn’t support it now. But, with an active warm front and deep moisture, anything that does form likely will be heavy.

    It wouldn’t hurt to miss this round tonight and get some later this week, it’s pretty wet out. With high dew points the next several days, it won’t dry all that fast.

    • luvsno

      mike…what headline ? This one says foggy start. And the previous blog titles are always at the bottom right of each current blog.

      • Hume-Dude

        Wasn’t a blog headline, it was on the forecast portion of the site, FYI. might have been changed by now, not sure. I think the storms are still on track for late tonight/tomorrow am. Looks like single broken line, probably some haves and have nots like usual with convective setups

  • Hume-Dude

    Storms for morning are starting to show up now on last frame of HRRR modeling. Might not be big deal, but some areas may get quick storm in pre-dawn hours tomorrow before the heat blasts back north.

    I am happy to report a solid 2.2″ from last nights storms at the farm in N. Vernon Co. 1.5″ Sunday night, .4″ on Friday for grand total of 4.1″ past four days. New pond has another couple of feet in it, but still 6+’ from full. Come on storms tonight, anything that falls is pure runoff now. If we miss this more on the way with that strong front on Friday. Titans have no business beating the Chiefs on Sunday, they have nothing on Charles. Looking for 150+yrds out of him, lets go!

  • Hockeynut69

    Where’s the afternoon update? It is now evening. Or is any time in the PM technically after noon? GFS very bullish for rain over the next 16 days but as we know, that can change.

  • terrydsnowy

    Rain and storm’s is starting to form down by Wichita Ks soon to be heading towards our way Metro KCK!

  • goodlifegardens

    Garden City/Creighton Really beautiful sunrise with more than half of the sky lit up and a mostly red rainbow in the western sky.

  • Farmgirl

    I wasn’t expecting flooding rains since 2:30 AM. Thought we were suppose to get a few pop-up scattered showers, not this pretty large MCS.

  • chris

    Had a nice rain this morning in baldwin city…nearly three inches in the gauge when i left for work this morning about 7 am and it was still coming down hard

    • chris

      J-ox and Bill Z. Did you get some nice rains?

      • j-ox

        3.3″ in my gauge & 3.1″ in my neighbor’s.

        • chris

          Very nice!.. i am anxious to get home tonight and check the gauge since it was still pouring when i left..definitely was an adventure driving to work seeing the water flowing fast nearly up to the edge of the road.

        • mowermike


          You might have just went above average for the year for the first time in a long time. WOW! You guys got hammered this morning.

          • j-ox

            Have received just a tad over 6″ here since Sunday evening (Sept 30th). Yep, just like that……I believe we’re over avg for the year. Wow!

      • Bill Z.

        Dandy rains! Will have to mow for the first time since end of July. Over 5 inches since Friday.

  • Bryan L

    No update since yesterday and flooding rains this morning. I’d say we had a slight miss in the forecast.

  • mowermike

    Officially around 8 inches of rain in the last 32 days…..wet!

  • f00dl3

    HRRR shows more storms tonight/THU AM, and then NAM / GFS show more FRI AM.

  • Bill Z.

    Would love to have another 5+ between now and the end of the month!