Foggy morning clears to a pleasant afternoon

Good morning bloggers,

This pic was taken just after 7 am today.  It’s a foggy look downtown, an area where this morning’s Dense Fog Advisory expired at 9 a.m.  At the time of this pic, visibility reports read 3 miles.  Other locations like KCI, Lawrence, Knob Noster & St. Joseph reported much more limited visibilities – at or below 1/3 of a mile.

The Dense fog advisory lingered on until 11 a.m. for areas north of KC.

The areas shaded in gray north of KC had an extension of the Dense Fog Advisory by two hours.   The morning fog here was not clearing as quickly as it was in KC and to the west, but these locations will still experience a very pleasant afternoon.

In the KC Metro,  mid-upper 60s and sunshine are expected today.  Very nice.

Low clouds begin building back into the area from the south tonight.

By Monday morning, it’s not just the low cloud cover that returns, but also the wind.  

As winds increase overnight and temperatures hover in the mid-50s, the potential for another night of fog is limited.  We’ll keep our eyes out for it nonetheless, as fog sometimes has a habit of reforming in areas that have seen it the night before.

Monday’s wind gusts may push toward 30 mph and temperatures should easily hit the upper 60s.  From the map above, you also see the potential for light rain (green) on Monday.  If it were to rain over KC, it’d be a light quick drizzle or sprinkles.  I have a 10% shot in the forecast as I expect even less than what we saw on Saturday.  The most likely time frame for this would be late morning/early afternoon.

Then here it comes:

…a December cold front.  Don’t worry.  While this cold front is set to enter northwestern parts of the metro just after 5 p.m. Monday, the colder air behind this front isn’t looking too scary.  We’d drop to a daytime high of 60° for Tuesday afternoon – still 15° warmer than average.

Then follow consecutively colder hits of air in the days to come:
Friday-Saturday: A cold punch that would drop daytime highs into the 40s.
MON-TUE the 10th-11th: A colder punch that could drop daytime highs into the 30s and overnights into the teens – according to the GFS forecast model.

We will have a full forecast for next weekend on our 5 pm newscast.

Have a safe Sunday.


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