First Half Of October Results

Good morning bloggers,

We had a pretty decent freeze this morning as the temperatures were below freezing from  1 AM to 8 AM. The low temperature dropped to 26 degrees this morning, which ends the growing season in our area:

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 7.40.10 AM

What just happened?  Kansas City just had what I would argue is the most exciting 15 day stretch of weather we have had in years. Just in the past seven days we have had heavy rain, tornado warnings, and some snow.  It was the earliest first accumulation in Kansas City’s recorded history:


How close did we come to having a surprise 2 to 3 inch snowfall?  It was actually very close. We are so used to getting missed. Well, maybe we will begin getting used to having it get more exciting as we get closer to an event, and not less exciting. This is at least how the LRC has started. We have had wide spread high rainfall amounts and these totals are for just one half of this month.



It was also wet last year in October, and there are many huge differences this year.  First of all it already has snowed measurably in KC and Wichita, KS, the earliest ever recorded. And, more importantly, the rain was not along and east of I-35 like it was last year. This time it was wide spread over many states centered near KC.  So, we establish some big differences from last years pattern results already. Hang on for a few more weeks before you make any conclusions.  It is way too early. It would be like predicting how your fantasy football team will do this year after you drafted your first two players. Rounds 3 though 12 are still ahead.  Let’s see how Mother Nature drafts the rest of our players.

It is going to be a beautiful fall day with a high reaching 60 degrees or a bit higher.  The weather looks great for next Sunday nights game as well.  Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day sharing in this weather experience featuring Weather2020 and the LRC. Have a great Tuesday!


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