From early morning fog to a cold and windy afternoon

Good morning bloggers,

Below is a pic from this morning.  Downtown KC was shrowded in dense fog:

There were reports of visibilities reduced to less than 1/4 of a mile within the metro around sunrise.  A Dense Fog Advisory was issued, then expired for KC before 9 am.  The winds had already shifted northwest and drier air moving in with this  northwest breeze helped to lift a lot of the fog early.  KCI, however, still reported dense fog with visibilities at 1/3 of a mile at 9:30 am.

Below is a surface map from 9:23 this morning.

KC is in the lower right hand corner of this image. The big winter storm, which the Weather Channel named Caesar, produced over 10 inches of snow in Minnesota and blizzard conditions in South Dakota.  The storm is drawing some very cold air in behind it.  I circled in blue the reported -17° over western North Dakota.  North Dakota at this time was under a Wind Chill Advisory as Wind Chills approached -25° to -35°.  This is an example of the level of cold air that is plunging into the Plains.

The northwest winds will be piping that colder air mass toward KC today.  So here’s what to expect:
12 noon: Low 40s, NW wind 15-20 mph, Wind Chill 30s
3 p.m.: Upper 30s to near 40°, NW wind 15-25 mph, Wind Chill around 30°
6 p.m.: 32°, NW wind 15-25 mph, Wind Chill around 20°
12 a.m.: 22°, NW wind 15-25 mph, Wind Chill around 10°
6 a.m.: 14°, NW wind 15-25 mph, Wind Chill may dip near zero

Keep warm tonight my friends.  The winds will back off Monday afternoon, but it will still be cold and sunny!

We’ll have an update to the question “will next weekend’s storm system bring rain to KC?” on our newscast tonight at 5 pm.

Have a good day!


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15 comments to From early morning fog to a cold and windy afternoon

  • SouthOlatheGraham

    I have a family Member in Belleville,KS & they are getting light snow & rain mix. very light.

  • kellyinkc

    Foggy here in Raytown,
    Now for some wishcasting, LOL

  • dogsinkc

    Well – I was getting somewhat excited for the potential storm this upcoming weekend, but seeing that the temps are just keep going up, I’m sure we’ll just get rain. Whatever

  • trinlivco

    Why is it that its always next week ends storm that will bring us some rain or snow. Another bust for this week ends storm. Pretty sad we cant get at least one forcast right. Mother nature is very hard to predict as our weathermen can see. TR P.S keep trying you guys will get it right some day. I hope.

  • McCabe58

    I’m moving north.

  • “get your snow shovels ready to go…Even thou Gary says were not going to get a ton of snow this winter,all it takes is a couple of inches to mat down that grass with the snows weight and you can get problems with disease that can weaken or kill your lawn.”- Toby Tokin. This is his quote of the week??? He expects us to shovel our yards and take valuable moisture off our lawns??? He is one FRUIT CAKE….

  • That is not what our water sheds need, is more nitrogen…He insist we fertilize or lawns as often as we make a bowel movement….I hope the new GM gives him the axe first….

  • Emaw

    How’s the song go, “I’m dreaming of a (rainy?) Christmas” I love it!

  • Emaw

    Tush, it’s irrelevant because it’s not going to snow anyway. Sun trying to come out in Loathe.

  • hobart

    Blue skies and sunshine. This system was another total bust. Let’s just go ahead and cancel next weekend’s precipitation now and get it over with.

  • McCabe58

    You’re really stupid if you are wishing away precip. Hope you enjoy fixing your foundation on your house

  • LibertyJeff

    Looks like we’re about 2 hours ahead of the temperature slide, 31 in Liberty. Is this a sign we may go below the forecast of 14 and be closer to 10? If so this is a crazy day, mist and fog to frigid cold! Only in KC

  • davidmcg

    McLouth KS 5:06PM currently 26.1°F, winds are NW 14.0mph, gusting to 19.6mph, feels like 15°F.

  • dogsinkc

    I think I shall move to Minneapolis