Dry October Followed By Dry November

2:30 PM update:

A band of light snow is moving across the viewing area this afternoon. Snowflakes have been reported in many locations. There won’t be any accumulation as this is just a small band of light snow. But, we have officially had our first snowflakes of the season.  Here is a radar image from around 3 PM and you can see a nice band of snow from Kearney northeast to Chillicothe:

Previous entry below:

Good morning bloggers,

We hope you had a nice Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  The only precipitation we had this holiday weekend was on Thanksgiving Day when a thin band of rain showers or sprinkle showers moved across during the afternoon. We were about an hour off of having the warmest Thanksgiving Day ever, but the high ended up at 67° at KCI Airport with lower 70s all around us.  This dry weather pattern continues with absolutely no end in sight. We are still waiting for our first snowflakes of the season. The drought is again worsening.  Here are the October and November KCI Airport rainfall totals:

  • October: 1.03″ (3.16″ is average)
  • November: 1.36″ (1.16″ fell on the eleventh and we are again below the average November rainfall of 2.15″. Last year we had 4.89″ in November)
  • Total October and November:  2.39″ (Average is 5.31″)
We continue to flip from one way of staying dry into another.  The 500 mb forecast map on the left shows the flow aloft forecast for tonight. We are in broad northwest flow with no major disturbances in the flow, just smooth northwest flow. This is all rotating around a Polar Vortex that has developed across northern Canada with a ridge aloft near the west coast. This will keep it dry all this week.
By this next weekend the flow aloft goes through a significant transition, but it just places us in another dry weather pattern.  The Polar Vortex will have weakened and shifted northeast, while a deep trough forms once again across the northern Pacific Ocean into the Gulf of Alaska.  This will place warm and dry southwest flow across the United States with a a ridge developing over the southeastern United States.  You can click on either of these maps for a larger view.
We are just gong from one type of dry weather pattern right into another one without any chance of precipitation showing up at all.
We will go over the details of this dry weather pattern on 41 Action News today and tonight.  Colder and dry air is moving into the area today. Have a great Monday and thank you for spending a few minutes reading the Action Weather blog.



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22 comments to Dry October Followed By Dry November

  • davidmcg

    Is it any surprise November was dry? No. So will be December through February. There will be moisture, probably more than last winter, but not by much. Every farmer around will tell you it will be after march before we get relief. A year ago Oklahoma and Texas were in the worst drought of their area in decades. While better there now, it is still dry. What they had a year ago shifted north this year. What they had this year, we will have next year. this is a muli-year drought region we are in and it will take multi-years to recover. Farms failed at record numbers the last few years, not because of the market, because of the drought. Next year will be more of the same. Failed farms, higher market prices with lower yields. If your pantry isn’t built and stocked, you better get on that now and get a garden ready for spring.

    • We won’t even come close to the moisture we had last winter. I think everyone forgets that it was wet last winter. We had many rainstorms, but just almost no snow. So, this winter will have to be drier. It was dry last January, but December and February had above average rain.

  • hobart

    This new pattern, if there really is such a thing as a new pattern, looks even drier than the old pattern. The way things are going, we’ll break last year’s record for the least snowfall. I just don’t see where the precipitation will come from for us.
    Where’s the damn jet stream anyway?

  • f00dl3

    Global Warming ate our Jet Stream. Al Gore told me so.

  • frigate

    In talking with my dad over the weekend, who talks and knows a lot of farmers, he was telling me how bad things are with this drought, how ponds have either dried up or so low that they may freeze dry, if something doesn’t change soon. I think because its the non growing season that the main media (not Gary or other certain meterologists) is not covering just how devestating this drought is.

  • From the BBC News- Floods in UK:Travel disrupted as storms head north….About 200 flood warnings and 300 alerts are in force England and Wales…

  • melafinatu

    Snowing pretty good in Smithville

  • NorthlandKB

    Light snow in Platte City right now…36 degrees.

  • melafinatu

    Snowing hard. Where did this come from?

  • mowermike

    November 19, 2012 at 5:28 PM · Reply
    As predicted last week, the first real chance of good precipitation will be around Nov. 28th, give or take a day. We will be essentially zonal flow until late on the 26th, which means above average temps and no precip.

    Snowflake contest could end Nov. 28 or 29. That’s by far the best chance in the next 3 weeks.

    Pretty darn close Theo!!! However, it wasn’t great precip. chance as most of it is very light and it was off by a few days. Plus, just the northern fringe of the city saw some snowflakes. Nonetheless, it was our best chance of snow in the last 3 weeks as predicted by you.

    Now, the next 3 weeks. What’s on the horizon. I’m going with warm and dry….you??? This pattern needs to break!

    • mukustink

      You have way to much time on your hands!

      • mowermike

        You apparently do too…never a post from me without your immediate response.(even when it has nothing to do with you) You just can’t wait for me to post can ya??

        • mukustink

          Actualy Mikey I was checking to see how many people were on here yelling it’s snowing and going crazy over the first flakes of the season. I was up in Platte county doing some work when the snow was moving thru. Just happened to be the same time you were on here yelling it’s snowing. You are not that important!

  • jrfan830

    Light snow here in Leavenworth since about 2:20, temp is currently 36 degrees!

  • sedsinkc

    Snowflakes in KC North just S of Gladstone.

  • StormyWX

    This weather pattern will never…ever…change…will it?

  • anshad

    Snowing at Cerner’s World Headquarters.

  • f00dl3

    Exepect a minor ice event January 3rd and our first inch of snow January 10th.

    • mukustink

      You can expect Mike to keep track and repost your post from today on the 3rd and 10th of January! I hope your right or Mike will let you know that you were wrong. He is the official historian of the blog and post keeper.

  • weatherman brad

    I see that lawrence will be on the tail end of it, i will be looking for any flurries around the ku campus or a little light snow shower if it holds.



  • Kole Christian

    It never snows enough.