Good morning bloggers, It’s Friday!

We almost had, should have had, the warmest Thanksgiving Day in Kansas City history. A thick band of clouds ruined that possibility.  The band of clouds thickened up with a few rain showers around 1 PM to 3 PM at peak heating.  The sun came out at KCI Airport by 2:30 PM, but for some reason that location stayed too cool to break the record:

Where is the rain and snow? In our winter forecast we described what would likely be a dry pattern and so far the drought continues, and it is worsening.  Here is our rainfall and deficit for the year as of yesterday:

There is absolutely no indication of any wet storm systems coming our way.  There will be a few opportunities for a wet storm or two in December and we will go in search of these opportunities on 41 Action News and next week in the blog!  Have a great Friday Night In The Big Town.


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9 comments to DRY FRIDAY

  • Your winter forecast was very close too mine….My Attorney,and I,have decided that we will “NOT” pursue any legal action this season…You indicated “NEAR NORMAL TEMPS.” is not grounds for an injunction…….HAVE A GOOD 1!!!! :( KFC

  • The temp.is 30 degrees.in Indep. Mo…..Birdbath water is freezing…Had to turn on the heating element….

  • hobart

    “…and so far the drought continues, and it is worsening”

    The Dust Bowl lasted most of a decade. Given our obsession with records, there’s one we can shoot for.

  • hobart

    This weather is starting to look ominous to me. Really no big changes this Fall. Just more of the same old same old, but even drier. We’re going to have some serious problems next summer if something doesn’t change soon.

  • f00dl3

    I’m not even going to bother reseeding any more next Spring. I shouldn’t of wasted the $50 on grass seed and $40 on extra watering this fall. I feel so stupid right now. $100 down the drain, all for the same old drought. Maybe in 5 years things will start to improve, but we are in a drought and will continue to be until at least 2016.

  • trinlivco

    Our weather is a joke, a very bad joke by mother nature. Yes if this drought continues we will be in trouble. I sure hope you beautiful weather people can produce some moisture some time in the near future our you may well curse this dry weather pattern down the road. No joke people this is a very serious problem. TR

  • Emaw

    Dude, chill there’s nothing any of us can do about it, bad mouthing people who enjoy nice weather (the vast majority of people) isn’t going to make it rain. So the next time we are in a dreadfully cold wet pattern all spring (which is inevitable ) and the farmers can’t even get into their fields, I will come on here and demand that you make the sun shine!

  • dogsinkc

    What happened to the potential winter storm on the 28th? Or the Arctic Oscillation turning negative? God, this winter is shaping up to be worse than last year already.

  • frigate

    Yes…what happened to the AO that was told was occuring. Looks like normal to above normal temps next week. There is no sign of any change from last winters outcome.