Dreaming of a White Easter?

Good Saturday bloggers,

This Easter weekend has some crazy weather changes for us to experience. We are tracking a very strong cold blast and the chance of winter weather. Now, keep in mind, this is the same pattern as we had during the winter, so you know how it goes when it comes to snow in KC.

Let’s talk about the cold blast and then the winter system.

Temperatures are rising this morning and we will see highs around 60° by noon. This is just ahead of a very strong cold front that arrives around noon. Temperatures are in the single digits in the northern Plains! This front will sweep through by noon and temperatures will drop into the 40s this afternoon, 30s this evening and 20s by Sunday morning.


We now turn our attention to the chance of winter weather on Easter Sunday.

SUNDAY MORNING: If you are headed to church or still have an outdoor Easter egg hunt, bundle up, but it looks dry at this time with snow moving into northern Missouri from Nebraska. Temperatures will be in the 20s with wind chills in the teens, but the wind will be decreasing.


SUNDAY NOON: The snow will be increasing across northern Missouri with the I-70 corridor likely dry as highs climb to the low 30s.


SUNDAY AFTERNOON: This is a tricky forecast. It looks like the snow will increase and spread southeast, from Kansas City and points to the east. This puts KC on the western edge of the precipitation. Sleet is possible south of I-70. Temperatures during the snow and sleet will be 28°-30°. The roads will be mostly wet with some slushy spots even with temperatures below freezing. The reason is that the snow is occurring during the day in April with a higher sun angle. Now, if you encounter a heavy snow band, then this will overcome the high sun angle factor, leading to more slick conditions.


SUNDAY EVENING AND NIGHT INTO MONDAY MORNING: The sun sets around 745 PM. So, after 6-7 PM Sunday any water or slush on surfaces, left untreated, will freeze up making for very slick conditions in a short time. Temperatures all night will stay in the 20s, possibly teens in northern Missouri.  Monday afternoon will warm into the 30s and we may see some drizzle or light rain. Temperatures stay above freezing through Tuesday.


EASTER SUNDAY SNOWFALL POTENTIAL: Right now it looks looks like a 1″-3″ (few locations may see 3″-4″) snow for northern Missouri and a dusting to 1″ around KC. As you know, it has been over 4 years since we have seen a 3″ snowstorm in KC and it looks like the streak will continue as we have our famous fractional snow event. This heavier band is still capable of shifting south or north by 50-100 miles, but the trend is north.




The first 10-14 days of April are looking cold with chances of rain and even some snow. There will be hard freezes as well, so hold off on the planting.

Happy Easter and Passover,

Jeff Penner

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