Did You Think Eclipse Day Was Going To Be Like This?

Good evening bloggers,

So, what can I say? And, yes Weather2020 did make the accurate prediction for this Eclipse Day from 55 days out. An accurate 55 day forecast that we will discuss more tomorrow.  Now, when we get down to the specifics I am quite amazed by meteorology and astronomy today.


This is looking like a south metro area flooding risk once again.  But, the north side got blasted between 2 and 4 PM today with over 4″ of rain estimated by our radar near Weatherby Lake.  Here is how it started this morning:


At this moment, around 7:43 AM, as I was doing rule #1 and seeing these thunderstorms form, I did not expect what was about to happen next.  Take a look at around two hours later:


We just happened to be in the right spot, or wrong spot for those who ended up under the clouds for the eclipse. I was in a great spot in Liberty, MO. But, then look at what happened when I got back to the station:


New thunderstorms formed and produced rainfall rates of 3″/hour rate or possibly more.  We have reports of over 3″ of rain, and radar estimates that over 4″ of rain may have fallen.  This caused a flash flood, and thank goodness there were no injuries reported, but some homes and streets were flooded.

Now, we are anticipating what may happen tonight. I am still doing the analysis as it is still evolving, but the south side is the most likely spot to be affected by flooding rains overnight.  That outflow boundary is now just sitting near the KC metro area and it will likely be the focus for new thunderstorms.


This is one of the forecasts for rainfall amounts tonight. Let’s see how this evolves in the next few hours.


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