Day by Day to Christmas

Good Sunday bloggers,

It is hard to believe Christmas is 9 days away (10 counting today). One of the only times of year when everyone loves snow is around Christmas. So, are we going to have a “White Christmas?” There are two storm systems to track. Let’s go by day.

DECEMBER 16TH: It will be another nice day with a light wind as a surface high pressure sits near Goodland.


DECEMBER 17TH: The surface high pressure travels to Omaha tonight and then to near St. Louis on Monday. It will be another sunny day with a light wind. Clouds will increase from the southwest as a weak system moves in, no rain or snow.


DECEMBER 18TH: This will be another nice day with highs around 50°. There will just be more clouds. The wind will be light again.


DECEMBER 19TH: A large storm system will be getting it’s act together. It will be forming around here, so we will be on the western edge of the developing precipitation. It would be all rain as highs will be 45°-50°.


DECEMBER 20TH: The storm becomes quite large with wind and rain. Notice, it is almost all rain, even in Michigan. So, if you are travelling east, there will be a storm, and delays, but easier to deal with than ice and snow. We will be breezy and cool with decreasing clouds, perhaps clouds and a shower early.


DECEMBER 21ST: Winter begins at 4:23 PM. There is a chance it is raining in much of Ontario and Quebec, a bit odd for sure. We will have decent weather with highs in the 40s. The western 3/4 of the USA looks mostly calm.


DECEMBER 22ND/23RD: The weather will be calm in the middle of the USA as the big eastern storm exits. A new big system will enter the west coast and it could have an impact on the Chiefs. They play the Seahawks next Sunday night on 41 Action News, Sunday Night Football in America. This is now a big game, because of last Thursday.  I will stop here about the Chiefs before I say something I will regret.


CHRISTMAS EVE/DAY: If we are going to have a “White Christmas”, then it will come down to the bottom of the 9th as a storm system is timed for these days. Right now it looks like a smaller system with rain south and snow north. So, we are at a 20% chance of a “White Christmas” at this time.


Remember to try and see the Christmas comet tonight. It will be clear with almost no haze. Look to the eastern sky, near the horizon about 9-10 PM. You really need to get away from city lights and you may be able to see it without binoculars. However, binoculars and a telescope, are of course, preferable to see an object that small that is 70 million miles away.


Have a great week.

Jeff Penner

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