Day 3 Of The Storm

Good morning,

Bands of rain are increasing and heading our way.  An upper level low has now closed off and is spinning to our southwest. Take a look at the 6 AM satellite picture:

1.5″ to 2.5″ of rain have fallen so far and we are expecting another .5″ to 1″ before this storm exits the region on Friday afternoon.  The next disturbance is now showing up in northwest Arkansas and it is rotating northwest and west as it is in the circulation of this upper level low.  Rain is increasing to our southwest and we will be tracking this new area of rain on 41 Action News through the morning.

Can you believe this early spring growth of the grass, the blooming of the Bradford Pear and Red Bud trees?  There is still no sign of one more freeze. The average last date for a freeze is around April 8th.  Our last freeze was on March 10th when it was 32°. I took this picture, above, with Breezy and Stormy in the background focusing on the grass that is in a rare March growth explosion.

Have a great day!


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15 comments to Day 3 Of The Storm


    Wow! What a great rain maker for the entire mid section of the country! Has the drought finnaly subsided? I would sure guess so, how about in Oklahoma and Texas? Spot on forecast as usual Gary and team.

  • Henley

    From the forecasts and powercasts, I was expecting heavy rain showers and some thunder from this storm, this hasn’t materialized, this is the part of the storm which I think was missed. Yes, the totals are good. I would say we’re right at 2″ or maybe slightly below here in southern Lees Summit. Basically it’s been on/off light rain through the period.

    • Henley,

      It is really doing what we expected this storm to do. It is a five day storm. We probably should have reduced the intensities of the rain that we showed on Powercast. The rainfall intensities have been heavier farther east over Missouri and farther south across Texas and Oklahoma, but just not here. The only thunderstorms we have seen were when the storm just got started on Monday. Lower dew points got pulled into this storm and the intensity of the rain has been a bit less. It is still March, but the rain totals are still adding up.

  • Andrea S-D

    Since it’s spring, I’m looking to buy/download some weather apps for my phone, laptop, tablet, internet radio, etc. I know KSHB has one, but I am also looking for some that I can program to only give me certain severe weather alerts, not only for my specific area but also for Joplin (where my parents live). Any suggestions? I know AccuWeather has one, and I’ve heard mixed reviews about WeatherBug, so I was hoping that some of you would have some suggestions and/or share reviews of the ones you use. (Apologies, Gary, if this is too off-topic. I was going to email and suggest a post about this, but then I thought this might be easier; feel free to delete if it’s inappropriate.)

    • iMAP Weather Radio is a good one that we will be helping launch soon.

    • goodlifegardens

      Garden City/Creighton 2.2 first afternoon and night, .1 all day yesterday, .5 overnight for a grand total of 2.8″ so far. Just a mist this morning. Water everywhere that is the least bit low. I have raised beds in the garden with 6″ deep walkways. The walkways are overflowing.

    • goodlifegardens

      I have Weather Bug on my phone. It’s free and gives the weather at about every airport. My kids are also scattered so I have it programmed for Ames, IA, Osage Beach, Springfield, and Kearney, NE. It will also find your current location so will automatically give the weather and alerts for where ever you may be traveling.

    • goodlifegardens

      I should have added, I also have Radar Now on my phone which also follows your location and gives the radar for where ever you are. Also free.

  • I like Radar Now. But really wish KSHB would have a weather app for Android. You guys do know that Android is way more popular, right? :)

    • Ooops, just did some new searching. With the popularity of the Iphone4s, Apple now has 44.9% market share, compared to Android’s 44.8%. ;)

    • RadarScope is a great app. It’s kinda pricy for an app ($10) but it is available on iOS and Android, contains GPS functionality to display your current location, and it displays warning polygons. You can also view a variety of reflectivity and velocity products, and it now includes a series of Dual Pol products (which I have yet to learn how to interpret).

  • Andrea S-D

    Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll check those out.

  • sportsfreaked

    Gary pretty good job on the forecast. We never did get the heavy rain that was forecasted but overall a very good job on the forecast. I give you a B. Good job.

  • Emaw

    3 day total in north Olathe = 3″.

  • sportsfreaked

    Gary…Have we officialy broken the record for the least snowiest winter on record? If not when will it become official providing that we don’t get a surprise snow event of course.