Could Hurricane Sandy Become “The Perfect Storm 2″?

Good afternoon 41 Action News Weather Bloggers,

While our weather continues to drift into the extreme depths of boring for the weather enthusiast we do have something that can distract us for a few days.  Could Hurricane Sandy become the perfect storm version 2012?  Energy aloft will be digging into the eastern states later this week and combine with Hurricane Sandy to possibly create the conditions for this “Perfect Storm”.  Take a look at this mornings Canadian model surface forecast valid at 7 PM Monday:


This is from the 12z run of the Canadian model at 108 hours.  As you likely can clearly see, this is now forecast, by every computer model I have seen, to become a stalling monster storm near the New England coast by early next week.  This is all caught in a blocking pattern, as discussed in the previous blog entry. What do you think?  We will obviously go into details of this on 41 Action News tonight and in the blog tomorrow morning.

Have a great afternoon.  I will be celebrating Stormy The Weather Dog’s Birthday with her today. She will spend the day at KSHB, as she loves going to work with me. And, today is her 12th birthday!  Take a look again at this map. Wow!



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18 comments to Could Hurricane Sandy Become “The Perfect Storm 2″?

  • Chicken Little

    952? Hogwash, I say!

  • mowermike

    NWS isn’t forecasting any below freezing temps this weekend…at least for my zip code. Our growing season is still in full swing, the earlier light freeze and frost did not stop the growing season. Matter of fact, some didn’t get below freezing.

    Soil temps actually came up this week with warm overnight lows, allowing for tender seed to continue to germinate.(that’s if you’re watering)

    Don’t fertilize trees or shrubs right now, let them go to sleep(dormant) first. Then fertilize…

  • stl78

    seds, it sounds as if u may want to reconsider your trip. im sure there are a lot of us here that would appreciate your adventures! i wish i had the oppurtunity to witness this possible impending storm. They say this storm may last as long as 5 days

  • luvsno

    952 is not out of the realm of possibility >>>

    1938 Long Island Express Hurricane….952

    Hurricane strength storm in Alaska Feb of 2012…952

    Hurricane Irene reached 942 millibars at its maximum strength.

  • trinlivco

    Perfect storm? We need a perfect storm over North Missouri because we sure cant get any rain any other way. Just same old boring darn dry weather. Hate It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TR

  • blue8091

    Here’s to hoping your day is a snack extravaganza….Happy Birthday Stormy!

    FYI – I have Direct TV and during Issac – they had a 24 hr news channel just for Issac coverage via all the local area stations – it was great!! I betcha Sandy will get her own channel too. Saw a news article earlier where they dubbed the storm – Frankenstorm. :)

  • sedsinkc

    New GFS run has brought the storm center a bit farther south, coming ashore in New Jersey. Still very bad for NYC. Thought about driving to my old stomping grounds in southern Connecticut to witness the storm…may ask my gf tonight if she’d be ok with me taking off for a few days, lol.

  • sedsinkc

    Will be interesting to see if data collected from these special weather balloon launches starting today influence the track of this hybrid. More likely will just refine the accuracy of the projected storm track.

  • thundercolt

    Wasn’t the perfect storm around this same time of year? and at 972 mill’s 20 higher then perfect storm 2… so 952 that close to the coastline would be a weather channel “it could happen tomorrow” true event.

    • sedsinkc

      The Perfect Storm was at this time of year in 1991. Also, in 1954, Hurricane Hazel made landfall near Myrtle Beach, SC on October 15 as a Category 4 storm, then combined with jet stream energy to create a very severe storm inland all the way from the Carolinas to southern Canada. The ship “Andrea Gail” last reported her position on October 28, 1991 before being sunk by The Perfect Storm.

    • sedsinkc

      There are no storms on record that have done what this one is forecast to do, as a tropical system head away from the coast then modify into a tropical/extratropical hybrid, make a severe left turn and slam into the Mid-Atlantic or Northeast coast with a central pressure near 950 millibars, or 28.05 inches of mercury. The 1991 Perfect Storm stayed well offshore, but was so huge and intense it still caused massive problems near the coast.

  • luvsno

    thundercolt…..Hurricane Irene hit NE coast Aug 26-27th last year, and at it’s highest was 952 mills

  • Gary, Are you serving Cake & Ice cream ??? Do you have Party Hats for the SOB ???

  • luvsno

    Praying that it does not hit NJ. My son and his family live there, central NJ, 30 min south of Newark.

  • luvsno

    tushchaser …who are you calling SOB ??? Don’t you ever have anything worthwhile to contribute? I read the blog every day, and I think you should tone it down…a lot.

    I do not want to get into anything negative on here, but I think it is time that somebody said something to you.

    Yesterday Gary started the Blog by saying “everybody follow the rules of the Blog”.

    So please quit with all of the rude comments…stay on subject. After all, it is a weather Blog

  • The 18z GFS has a 940mb. low hitting NJ/NY border Tues. morning…

  • sportsfreaked

    This storm will dominate the cable news and all other news because it is going to hit the east coast. If it was anywhere else we would only here about it the day it hit. The whole world revolves around the east coast you would think. Get ready for wall to wall coverage of this storm.

    Happy birthday to Stormy. Gary are you having a party for Stormy? How many dogs are coming to the party?

  • sedsinkc

    This system merits its extensive media coverage. Around 100 million people could be directly affected by this storm. Our nation’s capital is in the line of fire, as is one of the great financial and business centers of the world, New York. Those on the coasts call this area “flyover country” and care less about us than we do about them.