Cool & Quiet Continues

Good Morning Bloggers!


Let’s start with a beautiful picture of the sunrise I captured from our live camera this morning.  I love mornings like these with plenty of sun!  We are still under the influence of high pressure, so calm and clear will continue through the day.  High pressure will slide off to the east today and that will turn our winds to out of the southeast and you can see that setup on the NAM 06z THU, which is midnight tonight.



We will see a few morning clouds tomorrow afternoon, but still staying dry and quiet.  The chance for rain moves back in for the weekend, but there are still some questions on Friday night.  Right now not looking impressive, but overnight and into Saturday morning looks like the best chance.

2    1

Above is the GFS 12z Saturday and the NAM 12Z Saturday and they both have a small amount of rain for Saturday morning for along and north of I-70.   The most rain will stay in Iowa, but looks like it could be a wet morning.  We will keep an eye on the upcoming model runs, but not looking like a lot of rain for us.

Here is an update on where we sit for average rainfall for the year and it is still looking good because of the rain earlier this month.



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26 comments to Cool & Quiet Continues

  • Hume-Dude

    Rain to the north? What else is new. Missed the rain on Sunday, completely, not even a little rain. Latest trends keeping most rain to north this time around, which has been the pattern. 2″ Deficit at KCI, but more like 10-12″ deficit by the time you get to Joplin, MO. I am somewhere in-between. Wet to north, dry to the south , that’s the year in a nutshell. Rain last week really greening things up, but it will be a week tomorrow since that fell, and not convinced at all I will anything out of the weekend system. About to start my next dry spell entry, Captain’s log…dry spell day #6……

  • frigate

    Hume-Dude…with this next chance still be about 72 hours out…I wouldn’t be too frustrated just yet. If my memory is correct, these models have consisently been all over the place. So, I’ll wait until Friday gets here before really becoming concerned. However, you are right on the pattern of the heavier/consistent rains generally falling north of KC. Also…I thought Gary had mentioned that the wetter part of the LRC was coming back? Was I wrong on that?

    • Hume-Dude

      That’s the deal, I think he was referring to this period. That big wet storm last week I thought was the beginning of a shift to a wetter pattern, but we only had one really nice widespread rain. I know lots of folks had rain on Sunday, but it petered out to east and south. Now this one is looking paltry for southern areas, its just last cycle of 2014 LRC trying to hold on to same old pattern. That big rain last week will hold off my crops for awhile yet, so no big worries down here. Just usual farmer griping, lol!

  • AW

    On rainfall: Last month- 30 days: 2.71 inches. Average: 5.20 inches.

    This month- 13 days: 4.52 inches. Average: 4.49.

    Less than 2 weeks= 1 month’s worth of rainfall.

    Did anyone notice? April- wet. May- dry. June- wet. July- dry. August- wet. If this pattern continues, September will be dry.

  • Hockeynut69

    I need to create my own daily log of precipitation and temperatures so I can see what should occur based on the LRC. I lose track when wet periods or when extreme temperatures are expected. I might start it September 1st.

  • Dwight

    With the current weather pattern, do you foresee an early fall and, perhaps, an early frost?
    It seems with the cold fronts pushing south this summer, that is what we can expect. it will determine what kind of fertilizer and what we plant this fall.

  • Drought Miser

    Dwight, all the early thinking so far is almost a do over off last winters Lrc cycle sticking with us, in other words same old Ridge in the west along with cold north westerly blasts over our region and the Great Lakes with a slight shift back to the west a bit .

  • luvsno

    Another beautiful day ! But we need more rain, so hoping we get some Fri/Sat.
    Go Royals !!

  • Hockeynut69

    Jack Harry is awesome! Such a great guy! Love it!

  • VerySkeptical

    Good to see the forecast became COMPLEX again.

  • Hume-Dude

    Really hoping something can produce this weekend. 10 day GFS is really starting to dry up, noticing a shift of any appreciable rainfall off to our North and East. Of course drier as you move south. Any new data guys?

  • luvsno

    No new blog since Wed morn ? Must not be any weather to talk about.
    The Royals previously scheduled day game on Sun Aug 31 has now been switched to Sun Night ESPN game.
    And Gene Simmons will sing the National Anthem for the Chiefs/ Patriots Mon night game on Sept 29.
    Lets get some more rain in here ! Time for a Rain dance everyone!
    Have a great weekend !

  • Bill Z.

    JD won’t be around very long. As smooth as he is on TV, he’ll be the chief met somewhere soon.

    • luvsno

      Maybe he is in training to replace Gary if Gary decides to retire to go into his LRC business full-time ?

      • robyn corzine

        That would be GREAT. No more dogs and crap. Just weather and the reasons why it doesn’t or does happen and some honesty when a forecast doesn’t pan out!

        • luvsno

          Stuff it. We all know how you feel about JD vs Gary. You have made it your mission to denigrate Gary at every turn.
          I for one would miss Gary. I hope he does not leave for a very long time. His love for his dogs is part of what makes him so endearing to a lot of us !

  • Hume-Dude

    HRRR model consistently bringing in a line late this evening into overnight. Looks like rain chance is 100% by IA boarder, 50-60% here in KC, maybe 40% all the way down in Vernon, Co. Line is strongest up north and trailing energy will be evolving through the night. Looks like initial line dissipates and secondary line develops. Hopefully we can all get in on at least SOME rain. I will take a little 1/4-1/2″ to help keep things green!

    • AW

      Northern Missouri could get 2.5 inches of rain! Look at this, Hume:


      • Hume-Dude

        Wouldn’t be surprised if they got 3-5″ actually. I am hoping for measly 1/2″ , come on rain!

  • Weatherfreak01

    No offense to the other mets. but I really like how JD writes the blog. He writes it like it used to be written, lots of good info and no hype. After I read his blogs, I feel like I have read something with some substance.

    As to the weather, (no new blog in days now) it is really muggy here in Lee’s Summit, MO. I think I would use the word oppressive for the humidity. It is only 81 degrees outside according to the car, but it feels a lot warmer with the humidity. I hope we get some rain just to reduce (I hope) the humidity. Have a safe night everyone.

  • robyn corzine

    Good Saturday morning from beautiful Sydney, Australia. Looks like it will be getting hotter next week back home. Looks like some light rain or sprinkles on radar. Is it hitting the ground?

    What the he** is going on in St. Louis (Ferguson)? The idiots there make Missouri look like a 3rd world country. The news has been reporting on it here. Way to go folks. Take an opportunity to burn your own city and destroy your own city. I bet 99% of those idiots could care less about what happened and just use it as an excuse to loot and act like idiots. Maybe we should move to Australia??
    Have a good weekend folks. Maybe JD will do a blog over the weekend.

  • Bill Z.

    Light, light rain in Baldwin City for the last 3 hours. Enough to knock the dust down.

  • Hockeynut69

    Poof. .04″ just west of Liberty. Sprinkler system will be running tomorrow. Getting dry again.

  • stl78

    Just arrived back home from Stanley North Dakota amd from Omaha to st. Joe was very heavy rain and then nothing south of 229…rain gauge did collect 0.02.though

  • Hockeynut69

    .12″ was the final reading this morning, so we missed much of the rain. Sprinkler system is running and soon I will be too. Have a great Saturday everyone!