Complex Saturday Storm System, No Snow Though

Good Saturday bloggers,

This is the first weekend blog I have written this month where snow is not in the forecast. Now, there is a storm system and rain is likely. It is a complex system as our area is on the eastern and northern edge of the storm system.

An upper level low has been tracking east across the Rockies and has brought some beneficial rain to the wildfire and drought stricken areas of the western Plains, more on that in a minute. This upper low is going to reorganize while shifting to the southeast. This has halted the eastward progression of the steady rain today, keeping it about 50-100 miles west of the state line. Tonight as the new system forms, it looks like the rain will spread north to around highway 36.


An extreme to exceptional drought is ongoing from southwest Kansas to west Texas and New Mexico. There was an outbreak of wildfires in these locations earlier in the week, so this radar image from Friday night is a sight for sore eyes.  Amarillo has received close to 0.50″ of rain the most they have seen in one day in 6 months! The drought is quite close to KC, but at this time we expect to stay just under drought criteria.


Rain is in the weekend forecast for KC, so let’s go through the details.

NOW TO 5  PM: It will be mostly dry with a few showers and sprinkles possible, especially west and south of KC. Highs will be in the 50s to low 60s, warmest in locations that do not see rain. The rain to the south will begin a northward trek after 5 PM.


SATURDAY NIGHT: The rain will have spread north to around highway 36 with KC in light to moderate rain. Pockets of heavy rain will be found to the south as temperatures drop to the 40s.


SUNDAY MORNING: It will be a rainy night into Sunday morning. This data has heavier rain in KC, but we shall see if that occurs as it may stay just south. This is great news for yards and farms that need a nice drink of water and also we can wash the salt off the roads.


SUNDAY AFTERNOON: The rain and drizzle will be tapering off with highs in the 40s and 50s. Again, this is the first Sunday this month with no snow, amazing!


RAINFALL FORECAST: It looks like a trace to .10″ will occur north of highway 36. .10″ to .65″ will occur between highway 36 and I-70. .50″ to 1″ will occur south of I-70 with more farther south.


So, this storm system is giving our area the best of both worlds. The Saturday outdoor events (Garmin race, Head for the Cure bike ride) will occur in mostly dry conditions and most of our yards and farms will get a nice drink of water tonight and Sunday. Those of us, myself included, that fertilized Friday, are looking forward to the rain tonight. It will be a nice and steady rain, perfect for washing in fertilizer and soaking in.

Have a great weekend,

Jeff Penner

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1 comment to Complex Saturday Storm System, No Snow Though

  • udndcs

    Jeff, are we ever going to have another sunny weekend? This is the seventh cloudy Saturday/Sun (yeah, right) day stretch in a row. At least it’s not snowing, but the consistent weekend gray is old.

    Related, how many cloudy days have we had in March and April? How does this compare to average? It feels like we’ve had very few Vitamin D days.

    Finally, and then I’ll stop complaining, what’s with the dramatic changes in the seven day forecasts? All week, various forecasters have talked about the retreating jet stream finally allowing a string of sunshine and near 70 for most of the upcoming week. Now, it looks like Monday will be OK, but then more cold fronts come through on Wednesday and Friday, creating more of this yuck.

    The same thing happened this past week. During the severe weather forecasts last Friday, the seven day showed sunshine and low 70s for this week. Then it changed dramatically on Saturday morning, reflecting the cool week we just experienced. Do the models have a tough time picking out the cold fronts?