Coldest morning of the season!

Good morning bloggers, It’s FRIDAY!

The temperature dropped to 2° at KCI Airport this morning. It hasn’t been below zero since February two years ago, and we came close this morning. High pressure is shifting to the south and east of Kansas City and a warming trend will begin.

This past week in review:

  • Monday:  74° (76° downtown). The high temperature record was broken by 9 degrees
  • Tuesday:  68° at 1 AM. The high temperature record was broken by five degrees, and this was at 1 AM.  Rain and thunderstorms arrive, the first one right about the same time it reached the record high.  Heavy rain fell near and southeast of I-35.  The heaviest rain with over 2 inches fell about 50 miles southeast of Kansas City, but the south side of the metro had over 1 1/2″ of rain.
  • Wednesday:  Snow began falling around 5 AM with a dusting to 3″ across the viewing area
  • Thursday: Arctic front moves through with temperatures down to 12° by 3 PM
  • Friday:  The coldest morning of the season with a low of 2°

Next week will be much calmer, until the very end of the week when our next storm approaches. Have a great weekend.


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30 comments to Coldest morning of the season!

  • melafinatu

    Yep, it’s cold at KCI. It’s funny opening the airplane door on an inbound flt from Dallas. Just seeing flt attendants reaction to the cold.

    At least it’s not windy.


      Lol, I can imagine their reaction. Much like mine walking to my truck. We only got to 4 degrees in PC, but dang this is cold.

  • HeatMiser

    76 degrees on Monday. 2 degrees this morning. 74 degree temp swing in less than 4 days. Now that’s extreme!

  • cweb

    How confident are you on the 1-4 snow chances yet this winter. A different source referred to some data that February looked to be on the warm side? Your thoughts.

  • HeatMiser

    I think I’ve heard him say 2-4 storms for Feb, not 1-4. Anyway, are these major storms or will a dusting or an inch count as a storm? If so, then anyone could predict we will get one or two events in Feb that might shoot out a couple of snow flakes…no prediction value there.

  • cornstalk

    From what I have gathered reading this site the storm doesn’t have to do anything here. If it develops just east, goes just north, or just doesn’t quite get organized it still counts as a storm if it fits the so called LRC so called cycle. If it doesn’t fit, then it won’ be called a storm.

  • Dobber

    Wow the blog is starting to get taken over again by negativity. One can only assume its the same few.

    • yewtrees

      Dobber. I don’t think they are trying to make negativity but their point of view about LRC, just like you would make otherwise. It is a two-way street!

    • Theo

      Geez, Dobber, really? Where is the so-called negativity? You complain about other bloggers. Are you just ultra sensitive? Or is it a hero-worship complex, like Mike the mower, that you think people are being mean to your hero Gary?

    • HeatMiser

      The truth isn’t negativity dude!

  • cornstalk

    How was I negative? I don’t post often so I’m not one of the people you are talking about. I was just posting my point of view on the LRC. I didn’t attack anyone personally. I’m surely not the only one that thinks the whole theory is smoke an mirrors.

  • Alex Pickman

    I’ve followed this blog for a long time now, I don’t post too much, but its fun to read. What I don’t understand is why everyone gets their panties in a wad over someone’s post. I agree before the blog was finally cleaned up it was pretty rediculous, but its decent reading the comments now. Theo has his/her opinion and can agree or disagree with a forecast Gary or the team make. Its everyone jumping on Theo or anyone else who disagrees with a forecast or doesn’t believe in the LRC or whatever, that starts making the comments “negative.” That’s when the back and forth arguing starts. Everyone seems to jump on Jerry too, and I don’t think he’s posted hardly anything I would deem as negative. Gary responds and tries to answer his questions which are sometimes repetitive, but are very valid and are usually constructive. People are going agree and people are going to disagree, its the way it goes. Life goes on people.

    • RickMckc

      Rarely do I see criticism of Theo (or anyone else) for his condemnation of the LRC or Gary’s forecast. I may disagree with him, but sharp disagreement between “believers” and “unbelievers” here on this blog is interesting. Both sides make good cases.

      What’s not interesting are the constant posts from a handful of people who will not make their case without being rude or condescending (“you have a man crush”, “Gary’s #1 fan”, etc); who say things here that they would never say in person. It’s ridiculous – and it deserves to be called out.

      What’s even more ridiculous is to say “just don’t read my comments if you don’t like them.” Besides the fact that it’s impossible to follow the dialogue without reading all of the comments, what they are suggesting is akin to a person walking into a room, farting, and then, when people react object, saying, “well, if you don’t like my farts, you should just go somewhere else.”

      No one in their right mind would respond, “Oh, that’s right. I forgot. It’s your right to stink up the place and disrupt what we’re doing.” They would say, “No. Either you stop farting – or leave.”

      • Rick,

        I wish I could explain the past two days, but I have not been able to pay attention to the comments until just now. There are some statements that have broken the rules and this will be addressed. This should not continue to be a problem. Bill Smith is currently analyzing the situation. If the rules are broken, then those bloggers will be banned.

        This past week has been filled with very long days and I wish I could have caught this earlier.


        • Dobber

          Gary you and bill have a lot better things to do then be blogger police. Can we please have a consistent and clear set of rules? I do in fact enjoy theo….even if I haggle him a bit!

        • RickMckc

          Thanks, Gary. I understand that the blog can’t be your highest priority and don’t expect it to be. That’s why I am becoming more vocal when I see the stuff that’s over a line. I really appreciate having this forum to discuss something we all love – weather – and I hate to see it soured by a few who only come here to pass gas.

          By the way, thanks for participating in the blog discussions with us from time to time. I don’t think everyone understands that you don’t really need to do that.



    So In an attempt to steer back to weather and off Dr. Phil couch… I am seeing some rain/ possible snow continuing to show on the models for the 9-11 timeframe. Seems to be gearing more towards the 10th. The models will change of course.

    It could be a wet week next week which would be a better start to this month.

  • Rock Hardon

    To all of those being accused of negativity

    Before you try to figure out Dobber’s aversion to negativity, please look at his last comments on yesterday’s that were directed at me. I think it was something to the fact of me being as easily identifiable as the clap. I wasn’t feeling the love but I was very suprised, given my assumption of his orientation, that he even knew what the clap was. I agree with your assessment of hero worship. And since we are directly in the middle of the bible belt if not from a geographical standpoint, then from the morally self righteous personalities and the delusionally sanctimonous attitudes, I would extend your theories to include the worshipping of false gods (Gary). But then again it could be a simple case of severe suicidal depression due to Gary not winning the game show last night.

  • Gary why do you allow Dobber to post his comments? When someone has a point of view that’s not the same as his he ALWAYS has to attack that person for their post. He always says it’s negativity when it’t simply a point of view. He is rude and disrespectfull! He shouldn’t be allowed to post!

    I hope the warm up happens for next week. Needingto drop a motor I rebuilt for a friend in his truck and have to have the garage door open. If it doesn’t warm up I will just have him lay on the cold concrete lol.

    • Dobber

      I don’t have a point of view Eddie. I’m neither pro LRC or anti LRC. I just find it amusing that 7 or 8 bloggers constantly get on here and spew nonsense. Pretending to be a meteorologist must be their hobby? In response to little rock, if the clap offends you I’m sorry. Unless this blog is moderated by rubes I cannot fathom how you are allowed to blog under that name.

  • blueflash

    Lots of radar echos to the north of us. Is any of that reaching the ground?


    I’m under the radar echo to the north and nothing reaching the ground up here.

  • Emaw

    I see a lot of 40s and 50s in some of the long range forecasts as we head into February and a few rain chances. Snowstorms of any significance don’t seem too likely to me at this point which should come as no surprise with what we’ve experienced so far this winter.

  • Kole Christian


    Unfortunately I have to agreed with, big snow storms seem unlikely at this juncture. But I imagine we’ll get a couple more 1 to 2 inch snow “storms”

    By the way, we might have a new troll. Read his name carefully, Rock Hard on

  • stjoeattorney

    hey man sit back be cool and have a dubie

  • stl78

    Here in omaha for a couple days. What a difference a couple hundred miles makes!