Coldest Arctic Air Of The Season In Canada

Good morning,

The coldest air of this winter will likely blast south into the United States at times during the next few weeks.  But, the dry weather pattern continues.  We are still forecasting two to four good chances for snow in February, but for now it is staying very dry.

This Arctic Air Mass, that is currently growing and expanding, will be around for the next five weeks.  The weather pattern will become quite favorable for this Arctic air to make it’s way south into the United States, and there is a chance of a true Arctic blast as we move into February.  There will be mild spells in between each cold surge.  Here is the expanding Arctic Air Mass as forecast by last nights GFS model valid at 12z Tuesday, January 22nd:

For Kansas City, the next surge of Arctic air will be moving south behind a strong wave aloft this weekend. It will be an Arctic blast for the Dakota’s and Minnesota, but how much Arctic air gets down this far south is still up for debate.  The weather pattern will likely become more favorable for an Arctic blast next month and this is when storm systems will be returning to our area.  In the mean time, the weather pattern is somewhat boring without a storm in sight for us as the drought continues through the winter which is not good news for the failing wheat crop.

Have a great day.  We will be monitoring the latest data and update you on 41 Action News today and tonight.


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17 comments to Coldest Arctic Air Of The Season In Canada

  • ChiefsFan

    I hope we get some snow in February!!!

  • cweb

    Gary, What does Feb 12th to 18th look like.

    • That is the week the major storm will be moving into the east coast. As it passes us, we should get at least a small storm, possibly a major one if it forms fast enough.

  • u10girls


    For the weekend of r February 8-10 are you saying we may have a snow storm? We are supposed to travel to Omaha for a Basketball tournament. Could that be a bad weekend to travel?

    Soccer Athan

  • mowermike

    This is now the 4th winter event down in Arkansas. REALLY… REALLY!!!

    All we got, cold!! Our 4th day in a row below average temp wise…we sure have wasted a lot of good cold weather this year.

    Many say that the drought has a lot to do with why we have missed the storms. But, is that really true?? The reason I questioned it is that the areas in a line from Kirksville to Springfield and eastward through the Ohio Valley and Tennessee Valley were in a very bad drought also,(they may still be considered in one) now they have since been very wet.

    So, to say the drought is the reason why storms miss us can’t be true. It’s simply a new pattern for them and a good one. Many wet storms in the last few months have been in these areas.

    Gary, this should have been another one of your hot spots for winter storms. It may have been, I’ll have to look back on your winter forecast.

    Bloggers and winter weather lovers, the “Mother Ship” is coming, here’s to an active late month into early March. 6 weeks of winter weather heading our way.(I just took a whisky shot) Fun winter that is…

    • yewtrees

      “an active late month into early March. 6 weeks of winter weather heading our way”-I found it hard to believe after the 1st LRC coming out dry all the way back to Oct. We were lucky to “squeeze” out a few inches of snow out of the 2nd LRC.

      • mowermike


        Yes, it’s hard to believe sitting where we’re sitting now. But, this pattern did offer some storms through Dec. for KC and many did miss us to the SE. Hopefully, some will be in our backyard as we move towards spring.

        I’m just looking for something, it has to change someday.

    • I hope we do. I agree. Been lots or precip around us, just not here! Just like how people around here want to jump on the GW bandwagon… Notice the temps out West. lol

  • Emaw

    We will not reach 10″ of snow this winter.

  • sedsinkc

    We may or may not get 10″ of snow this winter, but it’s too early in the game to throw in the shovel. Yes, snow prospects look bleak for the next 2 weeks and this winter’s dry pattern has not been favorable for snow, but we’ve still got all of February and March to go. If we get two 3″ snows or three 2″ snows (or one 6″ snow) the rest of the season we’ll be at 9.7″ at KCI. Don’t lose all hope yet.

  • f00dl3

    In THEORY – all these storms that are missing us well to the south will pass alot closer in Spring. Will this mean alot of Severe Weather? Not sold on it – we may still be on the north side of many of these storms this spring where we would get a steady rain but no severe weather. This may help ease the drought some come March/April.

  • Emaw

    I haven’t lost hope . . . . . I hope it doesn’t snow another flake, I’ll take rain and warmth please.

  • terryatbethany

    Hey Gary,I was just wondering if you are going to be issuing one of your favorite artic air watches? On a side note pathetically we have only had 6-6.5 inches of snow here in Bethany the last 2 winters combined. I don’t think I can take a third year like this!

  • cweb

    Thanks for responding to my question Gary.


    It really is fascinating watching the moisture to our north west and southeast just move on by and the dry swath thru the KC area continues to block the moisture to the south and the north. One would think the systems would feed each other being this close to each other and all of the moisture from the gulf into the system driving from the north. It really is fascinating observing weather here in is area, I’m just glad I don’t have to forecast it…