Cold air moves back in….time change tonight

Good morning bloggers,

After a 61° day yesterday, the cold air has moved back in.  The warm air will return fast, however, and Sunday and Monday feature a big warm-up.  The area of precipitation west of Kansas City is struggling and will likely not quite make it into our area. This brief cold shot will move out by morning, and then we have a huge warm-up in the forecast for Sunday into Monday before our next cold front comes through. Overall, we are in a dry stretch for another couple of weeks before the Super Bowl part of the weather pattern returns which will bring us those four or five storm systems once again. What will the late March and April versions bring us?

Kansas City Forecast Time-Line:

  • Today: Cloudy & cold with some afternoon sunshine filtering through.  North winds 10-20 mph creating cold wind chills.  High:  41°
  • Sunday:  Mostly sunny and much warmer with southwest winds 10-20 mph by afternoon.  High:  61°
  • Monday:  Mostly sunny and even warmer. Southwest winds 10-20 mph.  High:  73° First 70 degree day in 114 days!

Have a great Sunday. JD Rudd will try to update the blog later today.


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17 comments to Cold air moves back in….time change tonight

  • PaolaWeatherNewbie

    Not looking forward to losing an hour tomorrow…

    It would be kind of pretty to see a few flakes today. Nothing that accumulates though! Just snow floating around in the air would be nice. If it has to be cloudy anyway!

    It will be nice to see that 70-ish degree mark on Monday too! Such a big difference in temps in such a short amount of time… I’ve seen it happen several times before but it is still quite amazing to think about it.

  • yourmom

    I am not impressed by such drastic changes in temps as we always get. I am ready to move some place where it is pretty consistently warm. That sounds good. I know it will be blistering hot here in kcmo. That won’t be great either. Maybe Florida is calling me or Arizona, I don’t know.

    • Drought Miser

      Arizona is a nice dry hit although you could fry eggs on the pavement there in the Summer. Florida is a great Winter resort and if you like electrical storm’s and steam baths Florida Summers are the spot for you.

  • Drought Miser

    Not looking forward to the 20mph wind’s as dry it has been they’ll probably issue a fire watch again for Monday but hey take the good with the bad 70 degrees and higher sounds good for a Monday!!!

  • Drought Miser

    Hints of Sunshine here on The Plaza enjoying my weekly Latte looking warmer outside already. …

    Or Jd,, is it going to snow again this spring or should we put up our gloves and shovels till December???

  • terrydsnowy

    My thinking is that when this weather pattern returns late March an early April this month that we will see some snow. I don’t think winter will return one or two time this year!

  • mowermike

    We may just have a chance of snow Tuesday night into Wed. Need to watch that storm closely. Latest GFS does develop it right near KC but as usual it gets stronger as it moves east. The EURO yesterday had a decent storm here…rain/snow. I haven’t looked at last night’s data from the Euro. But, the latest GFS did trend that way a bit. Slight chance now…4-5 days away. The GFS also shows active pattern after the 20th of the month. However, doesn’t show all that cold of air currently. Gary,Jeff,JD, any thoughts on potential precip. Tuesday into Wed.?

    Drought, I can tell you that the soils are awfully wet. A combination of snow melt and frost line melt has it mushy on all of our job sites. We are unable to grade or install irrigation right now without making a mess.

    • Drought Miser

      I can definitely confirm the soil moisture the new Ikea plant that I’m working on is a literal mud pit,
      I just saw on Facebook that The WX+Channel is thinking big storm developing mid next week and Kansas City was mentioned as a affected city looking forward to Gary and JD’s thoughts on this upcoming event.

      • Dobber

        They are on sabbatical

      • luvsno

        Why would you even mention or take any stock in the WX+Channel ?
        Out of sheer curiosity, I just looked at the WX+Channel on facebook, and then I went to the link that they posted for the upcoming midweek “storm”.
        Kansas City is not mentioned at all. Not on their FB page, nor on the page they linked to.
        Here is most of what it says :
        Weather Channel
        We have another potential winter storm on the table this upcoming week, but given that we are still three to five days out, there is considerable uncertainty.

        The maps to the right are our current best forecast at this time. Let’s lay out that day-by-day forecast below.

        Snow area: High Plains, parts of the northern/central Plains, Upper Midwest
        How much snow: Generally light, but locally moderate amounts possible.
        Potential cities: Denver | Sioux Falls

        Snow area: Mid-Mississippi Valley, Ohio Valley, southern Great Lakes and at least parts of the Northeast
        How much snow: Moderate amounts in the Ohio Valley. Heavier amounts possible in the interior Northeast. A stripe of sleet or freezing rain is also possible.
        Potential cities: St. Louis | Syracuse

        Snow area: Lingering snow and wind possible in New England, Upstate New York, possibly parts of Mid-Atlantic (early).
        How much snow: Additional moderate, perhaps heavy accumulations, are possible in New England, Upstate New York.

    • NoBeachHere

      You and I are in the same business. You know, it is muddy on the surface but down a foot, not only is it frozen but dry. I know because we just did a drain tile job. The north side was really hard, the south side against the house was soft but as you moved out into the yard, hard and frozen down to 16″. By the way, why in the heck would you even try to pull pipe in the frozen soil? Not trolling you, just asking the question.

      • mowermike


        Oh, we’re not trying, I was just mentioning the fact that we can’t move quite yet. We have a lot on the books to get done, so, we’re trying to force things now. But, if you can’t go, you can’t go. I’ll be able to get many of my other clean-up/landscape crews out this week though. Spring is close, but it looks like it will struggle to stay warm consistently with this pattern. We’ll see..

        • NoBeachHere

          We are starting clean-ups Monday. Got to many wanting tree’s planted now, no go on those. Look’s like another late start to the season. I also think there is a chance we will go from mowing to pushing in the same day. Then back to mowing, then maybe to cutting up tree’s from that dreaded ice with spring growth. By the way, I threw away my book’s because they were out of control.


    Gary, how about an opening day forecast for April 4th!

  • luvsno

    Ready for warm !
    More than 2/3rds of the days have been below average in the region.
    From 12/01/13 – 2/28/14 the # of days below norm at KCI ..62.
    But I guess we are lucky in that we haven’t had too many days below zero….Minneapolis had 50 days below zero as of last weekend.

    Everyone get out and enjoy these next 2 days if you can,…we will have one more hour of daylight on Monday….good day to get in a nice walkor bike ride after dinner !

  • craigmac

    When is our next chance for some measurable snow? I am doubting that this winter is over.

  • mowermike

    Latest GFS has the potential of 70 or so Tuesday and accumulating snow Tuesday night into Wednesday. WHAT??? The storm is showing up stronger and stronger each run. There is other models also agreeing with this potential. We’ll see……Interesting developments..