Close To Eleven Inches Of Rain This Month

Good morning bloggers,

Kansas City is close to having an eleven inches of rain during this month of October.  A few spots have had over 15 inches of rain within the KC metro area.


A storm system is developing this morning and rain will begin to form soon.  A surface cyclone has been tracking across southern Kansas overnight into early this morning, and a warm front, or really a stationary front is located north and west of KC. It will become a cold front and surge southeast later today. While these surface conditions change, rain will develop, increase, and then shift southeast out of the area.  Here is a look at this mornings surface map:


Kansas City is on the warm side of this warm front that has set up to the northwest of the city.  This front will begin moving southeast in a few hours in response to this developing weak storm system.  When it begins moving southeast, it will become a cold front and cooler air will arrive later today. It was in the 60s this morning as of 7 AM, and before sunrise.  There was a bit of a red sky this morning, so “red sky in the morning, sailor take warning” will apply. The clouds were thin and high, cirrus clouds, this morning.  Low clouds will be forming as moisture increases from the south and we get some lifting from this upper level disturbance.  By later this morning into early this afternoon an area of rain will be increasing over KC, at least this is what I am expecting as there was nothing at all on radar when I was writing this blog entry.


This is an interesting little setup over the next five days.  There is a fast moving system that will drop overhead Thursday night into early Friday with a chance of showers, and then a stronger system will likely track by over the weekend, with another system early next week.  The pattern is becoming quite progressive and fast moving, and the models look different every day.  The LRC is in the middle of its setting up period, and we have a lot more pattern to monitor before making any conclusions.  Here is a surface forecast map valid Saturday night.  Note:  Saturday night is the time change where we fall back one hour, and gain an hour.  This map shows a spinning area of rain and snow to our north, mostly rain, however, that would move across KC in a band Saturday night.


Kansas City Weather Timeline:

  • Today: Thickening clouds with rain increasing. The rain will develop overhead, and then end from the northwest later today. The wind will shift to the northwest and temperatures will drop this evening. High:  64°
  • Tonight: Cloudy with a slight chance of showers.  Low:  47°
  • Wednesday (Halloween):  Trick or treat!  It looks spooky nice with a cloudy sky and a slight chance of showers.  High:  55°

Thank you for voting KSHB-TV as the best local TV station, and I won a couple of categories too, so thank you very much.  I did lose Best Local Personality to a cat, however.

Best Of KC

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